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[2017-05-22-NJPW-Best of the Super Juniors] El Desperado vs Ryusuke Taguchi


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You know what you're getting with both guys typically: Desperado is introducing a chair and Taguchi has his rope running routine and what not. But these guys cut that stuff shorter than normal, and make it all work in a tremendous match. There is nothing mailed in here, ton of urgency and energy from both guys. Taguchi's early shine plays off them trying to counter each other on arm drags and he's a step ahead. Despy goes to the outside and again puts his opponent into the seats. Here he goes a step further and tries to bury Taguchi with them as he cracks them off each other. The chair in the corner spot is brought out, but Despy uses this opportunity to hide a pen in his boot...and then he quickly removes the pen, which was really weird. He then sodomizes Taguchi with it, which is easily the worst part of the match. But then the real good stuff starts - Despy works the knee as his submission has been established in the BOSJ so far. Taguchi's comeback is something - man he breaks out a ton of big moves and power spots, plus dives to the outside. Great offense from him. Where was this vs. Hiromu? Can't put Despy away though. Despy works the knee, which is eventually fought through to the ankle lock for some good dramatics. After a first escape, Despy is back in the move and this time he throws the ref down and uses the momentum to roll through the lock. Now he takes his mask off and throws it at Taguchi and alerts the ref. Crowd is bonkers for this sequence. Taguchi pleads his case to not get DQ'd, Despy puts another mask on, kicks him in the groin and then hits his Jay Driller move (Pinche Roco - I did look it up) to finish him off. Fantastic stuff ****

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