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[2005-01-16-TNA-Final Resolution] America's Most Wanted vs Team Canada (Eric Young & Bobby Roode)

Vinnie B

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This felt like fairly typical TNA fare for the time, from what I recall. Bland brawl to start, although Young gets a nasty bump to the head that swells up to the size of an egg on his forehead. Match improves a lot when they get into the ring. Beautiful elbow drop from Young, same for Harris' spinebuster. You can't say these guys aren't trying their hardest to both get themselves over and get TNA noticed. Usual interference and weapon shots at the finish. Interesting that fans boo and chant bullshit after numerous finisher-based nearfalls. Definitely a fun match, with lots of really good to outweigh its shortcomings. *** 1/2

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NWA World Tag Team Champions Team Canada (Bobby Roode & Eric Young) vs America's Most Wanted - TNA Final Resolution 2005

Damn look how young James Storm looks! Look at Roode trying to grow out his hair! Bunch of babyfaces in that ring wow! 

Meltzer gave this match ****1/2, which is a monster rating all things considered. I was putting it off, putting it off. I said what the hell tonight and never in my wildest imagination did I think these four could live up to the hype, but this match ROCKED!

Roode & Young were the best 80s stooge heels of the 21st Century. This was terrific old school Southern-Fried wrestling to start. They jumpstart the match with a terrific, upbeat, energetic brawl for a couple minutes outside the ring where AMW tools on them. Young ends up with a huge Goose Egg on his forehead. Then they have an awesome shine in the ring. Hey babyface shines, you remember right? You remember when pro wrestling was actually fun?!? This was fun as fuck! Young was bumping around everywhere. They threw Young into Roode and Roode into Young. It was gangbusters. Team Canada does the Hart Foundation sliding knee and they work such a beautiful old school heat segment on James Storm. Great heeling, great hope spots, good pummeling without giving too much away. There's an excellent moment where. Storm hits a pair of Enziguiris as a hope spot. Roode does a Flair Flop. Young does his Flair Flop off the apron, I popped huge. Here's the kicker, Roode stopped Storm from making the tag. Extending the heat segment! I love it. They get a good heel nearfall off a Young Elbow Drop. Roode ends up missing a charge and tag out to Harris. I am not saying Harris should have been a huge star but I am surprised he did not have a bigger run. He was a fucking great hot tag in this. Roode and Young were bumping and feeding like champs.

The finish was just awesome old school chicken soup for the Pro Wrestling Fan soul. Handcuffing D'Amore to the post. Team Canada member Johnny Devine getting involved. I was biting on nearfalls left, center and right. I thought the Hockey Stick to the back was for sure the win for Team Canada and then AMW would win the belts back the next month in a gimmick match. Nope kick out! Then AMW hit one of their double team finishes! 1-2-NO! The Impact Zone and me are fucking rocking! They have whipped this crowd into a frenzy and I am on the edge of my seat. There is a tussle over the chair. Roode hits the Northern Lariat such that Harris lands head first on the chair! They telegraphed that false finish a little much with the camera angle on a smug Devine, but it was a great spot nonetheless. Devine accidentally smokes Young with the Chair and AMW Rollup! 1-2-3! MASSIVE POP! I can tell Team Canada were old school cheating heels and they were foiled by their own machinations so it was very fitting victory. I loved this! If you love old school, Southern style, babyface vs heel wrestling, you owe it to yourself to check this out! ****1/2

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