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Stan Hansen in NJPW 1990?


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Hello all, I had a question for some of the knowledgeable Japan folks on this board. In a recent upload by Roy Lucier of some NJPW TV from 1990 and I saw a rematch with Stan Hansen vs Big Van Vader for the IWGP title. Now I was obviously familiar with the famous Dome match they had but am in the dark about why Stan was allowed to work for NJPW outside of the co-promoted Tokyo dome show? His cagematch page says he worked 5 NJPW outside the Dome show in 1990,




So what was the deal here? I thought after 1989/1990 Baba was sticking with the isolationist mindset so I am surprised I haven't known of this before.

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Wasn't that some agreement from the 4/13/90 multi fed Dome show.

NJ sent Liger and Nogami in a singles match, and and IWGP Tag Team Title Match

Perhaps Baba agreed to loan out Hansen to NJ in return. I seem to recall Steve Williams and the Road Warriors also touring with NJ at that time.
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Here's an update Roy gave on the answer,


"I got this response from Fumi Saito about this talent exchange

"In 1990, Giant Baba and Seiji Sakaguchi, the new president of New Japan after Inoki left the company to be a politician, started the talent exchange. The first set of the experiment was Stan Hansen working a tour for New Japan and Bam Bam working a tour for All Japan. Then Baba sent Road Warriors had for New Japan tour and Sakaguchi sent Steve Williams for All Japan tour. Then Steve Williams ended up being traded to All Japan for full time. But following year, in 1991, Inoki told Sakaguchi No More so the talent exchange deal fell off from there. Baba would do business with New Japan if Sakaguchi was the man but not with Inoki"


So guess it was Sakaguchi that worked that out, shame Inoki had to mess it up and who knows what sort of matches we could've got in that era with a NJPW/AJPW talent exchange.

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