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[1993-10-23-AJPW-October Giant Series] Jun Akiyama vs Ted DiBiase


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One of Ted's last singles matches (he had two indie ones after this before returning to AJPW for Real World Tag League and getting hurt/retiring) and you know what? For 1993 and 39yo Ted, this is pretty good. His charisma, and how he works holds and when in holds, coupled with Akiyama's facials gets you through the early stretches just fine. Ted hotshots Jun, which breaks the arm stuff and he goes on offense, working around the neck and sleepers. Akiyama's eventual comeback looked like the style clash you'd expect, but Ted hung in there. He even catches Jun on a dive and then eats a flying forearm off the apron to the outside. There's a botched roll-up off the ropes here that they cover quickly. Maybe it calls out the difference in age and ability at this point; an ambitious attempt at least. Another northern lights suplex from Akiyama gets two. The sleeper is over here, Ted grabs him but he makes the ropes and the crowd is all over it. Ted catches him off the ropes with a big belly-to-belly, and then hits his straight jacket suplex (maybe?) and gets the win. ***

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