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[1978-12-01-Houston Wrestling] Gino Hernandez vs Nick Kozak


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Gino is wearing the mask from a head shaving from Jose. A fan has an identical gimmick as Gino. That is the most incredible thing ever. Boesch putting over Kozak's wrecker service. Kozak after the mask, but Gino escapes to the outside. Kozak with an ankle pick and starts to work the leg. Loving how Kozak is charlie horsing the leg. Gino cuts him off , but Kozak is great at showing fire. Kozak after the mask again. Gino with an eyerake stops him cold. Love Gino wildly throwing punches and missing. Loving Kozak measuring those punches. They're brawling on the floor. Gino with the elbows from the mount. Big Russian leg sweep followed by a few elbow drops. Gino with the win. I loved this match in it's simplicity. The basic story is Kozak trying to rip the mask off Gino. He was constantly going for it. In Pat Patterson's book they really put over Kozak as a great babyface. He really showed it here. His selling was great, but what was his calling card was his fire, and getting the crowd behind him. Plus both guys were really good at playing to the cheap seats here. I hope we get next weeks Gino vs Jose match. Again just great story telling and making the most of the gimmick, plus the fan with the gimmick ruled. 3 1/4*

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