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[1975-02-05-NWA Western States] Terry & Dory Funk Jr vs Giant Baba & Jumbo Tsuruta

paul sosnowski

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This is 2 out of 3 falls for the NWA International Tag Team Titles. The Funks have been champions since around August, or maybe October 1973. Young Jumbo has been wrestling for less than two years at this point. Bronko Lubich is the referee. Filmed for Japan TV


We start off with Dory and Jumbo. Quick tag to Terry. Dory back in with test of strength and a headlock. Terry with a piledriver on Jumbo for a near fall, but Jumbo gets his foot on the ropes. Baba comes in with a big boot to Dory's face. Dory counters with some huge uppercut elbows in the corner. Baba slams Dory and Terry. Jumbo back in, hits a flying knee to Dory. Terry gets chopped by Jumbo, into a cool standing spinning headlock. Jumbo won't let go. Terry and Dory hit a double suplex on Jumbo, followed by Terry dropping some big knees to his face. Baba tags in, hits Terry with knees, and a dropkick! Into a backbreaker, followed by the big boot for the pin at 15:45


Second Fall -- Dory takes Baba down and applies the STF. Terry comes in and wrenches on Baba's head, twisting his neck repeatedly. Dory back in goes for a double underhook, but turns into a piledriver on the big man instead. Dory and Baba exchanging huge chops, Terry comes in, exchanges. Nails Baba with some great punches. Dory from behind with a huge running knee to Baba's back. Funks hit the double suplex on Baba, Jumbo makes the save. Jumbo misses a dropkick, Terry hits a big brainbuster suplex, followed up by one from Dory for the pin at 6:30.


Third Fall-- Dory working over Jumbo on the mat. Jumbo hits a kip up into a bridge, followed by a backslide for a 2 count. Dory hits Baba with uppercuts, but Baba whips him into the corner. Terry tries to save and also gets whipped upside down into the corner onto his brother. Baba and Jumbo hit Dory with a double boot. Dory recovers and gets an octopus submission on Baba. Terry gets a sunset flip on Jumbo, but Jumbo comes back with a rollup for another 2 count. Terry almost knocks himself out with a headbutt to Jumbo. Baba chops Terry to the outside, but Terry recovers and drops a knee on Jumbo. Dory attempts to brainbuster Jumbo in the corner, but Jumbo holds a headlock and pins Dory at 11:13.


JUMBO wins the first championship of his career!!!


First fall 11:04 shown of 15:45. Second and Third Falls are Complete. I would give this 4 1/4/ ****

.Available on All Japan Puroresu Classics 3/3/03: All Japan NWA International Tag Team Championship

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