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[2000-06-05-WWF-Raw] The Rock vs The Undertaker vs Kane


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HHH starts off the show with his promo. Not one of the better things we have seen from HHH this year. A good bit of momentum seems to be lost from the promotion since Judgement Day with Taker and Kane in the world title mix. HHH talks about ego for a long time and here comes Vince. Vince reminds HHH that the crowd is calling him an asshole. Vince gives a promo straight out of the 1993 Memphis playbook with his weird analogies. Some dissension among the ranks which came out of nowhere with HHH even bringing up Armageddon to Vince. HHH pie faces Vince. Shane comes out to be the peacemaker of the group. He says both of their egos are out of control. Shane changes it to put the heat on him and he gets beat up by both. Steph slaps all three and all sorts of weird shit is going on. Rock comes out now to a monster pop. Steph gets called a $2 slut. I wonder if Rock or Jericho berates her more throughout the year. Kane comes out and stakes his claim as the #1 contender. Again, this loses a lot of momentum for the segment as the crowd doesn’t really know how to react with him facing off against the #1 face in the promotion. Ditto Taker who repeats the same thing. Vince ends the segment setting up a triple threat match tonight for the #1 contender with the winner facing HHH in the main event. Some interesting stuff with McMahon and HHH feuding but too long overall at 25 minutes.


Some short promos before the match with Kane and Taker saying when it comes to the WWF Championship, they don’t have a brother. The Network edit of Taker coming out to Your Gonna Pay with Kid Rock’s picture that the announcers were obviously shilling is humorous. Kane and Taker start out hammering Rock for a bit. Rock is able to hit the Rock Bottom on Taker 1 minute in but Kane breaks it up and chokeslams Rock right afterwards. Now Kane and Taker slug it out with Kane going to the outside. Rock sends Taker outside and we get a brawl around the announce table. HHH comes in and interferes against Taker sending him into the table. Rock gets sent inside by Taker and then he pops HHH. HHH responds with a chair to both Taker and the head of Kane. Kane gets Rock Bottom’d and Rock wins to advance. Rock gets whacked with the chair after the match from HHH. *

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The match was kind of a backdrop to the HHH-centric guest commentary and interference. He gets involved with Undertaker and they retaliate and go back and forth at different points. The match sort of had a weird dynamic starting out with Kane and Undertaker double teaming The Rock and it just felt like three characters sort of at odds from a crowd perspective. Again, a short match sort of just shot to set up the match later in the night.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-06-05-WWF-Raw] The Rock vs The Undertaker vs Kane

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