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[1996-12-15-WWF-It's Time] HHH vs Marc Mero

Superstar Sleeze

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They call Hunter, Triple H in the video package. 1996 is such a cool year in the WWF. I feel like everyone had a distinct and interesting gimmick. The sadistic Greenwich snob that uses people vs the Macho Man/Liz reboot for the 90s is actually a good contrast. I think in terms of characters/gimmicks in WWF, 96-97 is the peak. This match unfortunately is not very good. They kinda skip the shine which is silly because Mero is over for two reasons: Sable and his moves. GIve the crowd something to invest in! HHH focuses this match on lots of cutoffs because he doesn't have any offense. There is not a whole lot of emotion in this match which is a problem with most HHH matches. I really liked the transition of HHH grabbing Sable using her as a human shield and then cheapshotting Mero. That's good heel work. But after that there is no gas. Mero does get to hit his cool moves. On commentary they informed us that Helmsley hit on Marlena. Thus beginning the babyface turn of Goldust, BOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Just as Goldust was healing up they cut his balls off by turning him. Goldust should have had a main event heel run. Sad! Goldust attacks both men with the title. Mero wins by countount and is pissed and hits the real Shooting Star Press (see JR that's a Shooting Star Press!). Nice they send the crowd home happy with that finish. HHH looks like a chump two weeks in a row squashed by Sid on RAW and then this. Internet fans would be so pissed nowadays lol. HHH does need to get some heat in this Goldust feud. Meh match.



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