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[2017-06-25-NOAH] Kenoh vs Kaito Kiyomiya


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Matches like this are my favorite thing about current NOAH: sub-fifteen minute licks of spitfire and aggression. Kaito Kiyomiya is already such a good, fiery babyface and I really enjoy him in these matches where he's getting his ass kicked but he keeps on bringing it. Tons of hard slaps and kicks, with Kiyomiya constantly getting in Kenoh's face only to keep getting shut down. He gets some time to shine, hitting a big top rope dropkick and a fisherman suplex hold but Kenoh's able to avoid the German suplex attempts, at one point taking him down with a swank transition into the ankle hold. There's a great moment where Kenoh's dishing out the slaps and Kaito just smacks him hard and small packages him for a nearfall. Then Kenoh destroys him with some brutal chest kicks leading to the finish. A hell of an opener.

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