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[1996-12-30-WWF-Raw] Shawn Michaels/Bret Hart Summit

Superstar Sleeze

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Anti-climatic. Shawn Michaels does his sarcastic fuck you shit which is fun and fine. Bret deserves it because he is a sanctimonious hypocrite. All the Bret bullshit that Shawn is a nancy boy and poses in Playgirl is so lame. I wanted Shawn to kick Bret's teeth down his throat for going on and on. SID! YES! YES! YES! POWERBOMB THESE TWO CRYBABIES TO HELL!!! Sid is by far the coolest muthafucka on RAW. Austin is a dangerous, sadistic prick. I cant get behind that. Sid is cool. Sid/Taker/Vader brawl. Good to see Vader in the mix.

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