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[2000-06-11-WCW-Great American Bash] Hulk Hogan vs Billy Kidman


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Hulk is in his Hollywood gear tonight. Hulk gives a pretty good promo in the Hollywood persona. Calling Kidman a flea market champion may not be the best choice of words but for an in character Hogan face promo after 1993, this is about as good as can be expected. First half of the match is Hogan running through Kidman. He beats him up and throws him on the outside. Back inside, Hogan uses his belt and while he is admonished by Horace, it does look like Horace is calling things fairly here. Hogan looks to hit Kidman with a chair but Kidman is able to get a dropkick in and he uses the chair on the back of Hulk. I have been a defender of this feud but this match really makes Kidman look like a jobber as he gets quick bursts of offense but then Hogan comes firing back. Hiptoss from Hogan sends Kidman through the table and we see Tony’s awful sneakers that the is wearing. Finish is really bad with Torrie coming down and them reenacting scenes from Macho vs Hogan 1988. Hogan eventually wins with the brass knuckles shot. Quite the disappointing end to a feud I moistly enjoyed. *1/2

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We’ve had ‘F.U.N.B.’ Terry Bollea, red and yellow Hulk Hogan and tonight he’s decked in the black and white for ‘Hollywood’ Hulk Hogan. Nephew Horace is the official for the match, where if he loses, Hulk has to retire from wrestling. Pre-match interview from the Hulkster where he reminds Gene Okerlund that blood is thicker than New Blood. Oh no, not another turn?


Hogan overpowers Kidman early who bumps and feeds for him. Big boot, but before he’s able to drop the leg, Kidman rolls to the outside. Hulk follows him out and rams him into the guardrail before throwing him back inside. He starts choking him and Horace with the count to get him to break. Hogan tells him that “he better watch out”, but Horace says he’s just calling this down the middle. Kidman with an eye rake as he starts to fire back. Now he’s the one choking his opponent and Horace is again there with the count, calling it like he said he would, however Kidman is clearly not happy that he isn’t favouring him. Back kick low blow from the Hulkster and he takes off his weightlifting belt. He gestures to the crowd for approval, but they’re not loud enough for his liking and he goes to put it back around his waist. Ooh, that Hulk Hogan is such a tease! He gives them another go, the cheers are a bit louder, that’s good enough for him and he whips Kidman with it. He takes to the floor to try and buy some time, but again Hulk is out after him. Hogan picks up a chair, however he plays to the crowd for too long and Kidman dropkicks it into his face. A couple of chair shots to the back and he throws him back inside for a pin attempt which only garners a two. Kidman is on Horace for a ‘slow’ count, but he’s still calling it down the middle (at least for now!). They botch a DDT on a chair and Hulk again kicks out at two. Big splash off the top, another kick out and Kidman may have a point because this count was slower than the previous ones. Hogan ‘Hulks up’ and unloads with a series of punches in the corner. He whips Kidman to the opposite one and nails him with a lariat against the turnbuckles. They’re back on the outside, Hogan puts Kidman over his shoulder ready to throw him into the ringpost like a dart, however he slips down his back and shoves Hulk into it instead. As he staggers, Kidman charges but Hogan with a big hiptoss sending him through the announcer’s table. Tony Schiavone thinks there is no way he can get up from this, while cheerleader Madden goes “C’mon Pete!” before quickly correcting himself to “C’mon Billy!” (BTW which is a song by the wonderful P.J. Harvey!). Torrie Wilson heads out and up to the apron. Hogan wanders over wondering what she’s doing and she hands him some brass knux. Kidman with a knee to the back of Hulk and he collides with Torrie, sending her falling to the floor and clutching at her ankle. He picks up the knux which Hogan had dropped and nails him with them. As Madden is practically soiling himself at the prospect of Hulk Hogan’s career being over, the Hulkster kicks out at two (although the timings are slightly off as Horace stops counting before Hulk raises his shoulder). Fed up of his slow counts, Kidman slugs Horace with the knux. He goes to clock Hulk again, but Torrie is in the ring and low blows him from behind. Hogan swipes the knux off his fist, winds up, KO’s Kidman and Horace comes around in time to count the pin. Uncle and nephew embrace after the match and there is unity back in the Bollea family.


The feud ended exactly how you knew it would when it started. Hulk was probably a bit too dominant here as when Kidman would get offense in, it wasn’t too long before he was back in control. It was like this was payback for all those jobs he did to the likes of Horace, Vampiro and Mike Awesome over the past couple of months. Still I liked this and with the win Hogan gets a World title shot at Bash at the Beach (and it sure as hell will be interesting watching that again), while it looks like Kidman will be moved to something involving the Filthy Animals. In the re-watching off all this stuff one thing I never realised was what an insane bump taker Kidman was. Every match (even if he was officiating) he’d pull some crazy ass bump out and that’s probably what will stay with me the most.

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