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[2000-06-11-WCW-Great American Bash] Vampiro vs Sting (Human Torch)


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A match that is pretty infamous for how bad it is and it doesn’t hold up well on rewatch certainly. The inside the ring portion is ok at best and saves it from DUD territory. Everything involving the climbing and the fire is fucking stupid and there is no other way to describe it. Sting getting torched and diving 40 feet in the air garnered no reaction and the crowd was just dumbfounded at what they were witnessing. Dreadful feud. ½*

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Pretty cool little video package to set the stage for this one. Vampiro is out first and lights the blowtorch that will be used to set one of the two participants on fire. Sting’s music plays and the torch starts to rise upwards as we see the Stinger stood atop the scaffolding that surrounds the ‘Nitrovision’ big screen He wonders if Vampiro is afraid of heights, because if he wants to set him on fire, he’s going to have to go up there to get the torch. Sting abseils down the scaffolding and makes his way to the ring to get this underway. Vamp attacks him as soon as he steps in the ring and drops the Stinger with a spinning heel kick. Sting reverses the whip to the corner and follows with a scoop powerslam. Facebuster and Sting now whips Vampiro into the corner, however as he goes for the ‘Stinger splash’ he gets a foot up. As Vamp charges, Sting hotshots him into the opposing top turnbuckle. He goes for a second ‘Stinger splash’, but again doesn’t connect as Vampiro moves out the way. With Sting left hunched over the top rope, Vamp collects the can of gasoline and douses him with it. Sting exits the ring trying to get away, and they make their way back up the aisle to the entrance. Vamp climbs the scaffolding at the side of the big screen with Sting in pursuit as he attempts to try and get the torch. A the Stinger grabs his ankle, Vamp kicks him off and Sting takes a bump, of no more than eight feet, into a bunch of cardboard boxes covered in black tarpaulin. Tony Schiavone thinks it’s the end of the match as how could he ever continue? He does though due to his “superhuman strength” (TM Tony Schiavone!) and Sting is back to his feet and pursuing him up that scaffold. When they reach the top this becomes unwatchable as the light starts flickering trying to simulate lightning, while thunderclap sounds play at the same time. Heaven help if you have epilepsy, but this hurt my eyes trying to watch it. Anyway, they fight on top of the ‘Nitrovision’ for a bit, the lights go out, Vampiro sets fire to ‘Sting’ and ‘Sting’ falls off the structure onto a crashmat. For the second month in a row Schiavone goes all Jim Ross on us again, and he, Scott Hudson and Mark Madden act as though they have just witnessed a murder.


From a kayfabe point of view, where were the police? Were they unaware that two men were trying to set each other on fire? This could’ve resulted in death! Sorry, but this is one of the most ridiculous gimmicks for a match I’ve ever heard or seen. The work was nothing special, a couple of protected falls into cardboard boxes and a crashmat, and the first time my eyes have ever physically hurt after watching a match! For that reason alone it’s going below the Flair/Russo cage match.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-06-11-WCW-Great American Bash] Vampiro vs Sting (Human Torch)

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