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[2000-06-11-WCW-Great American Bash] Jeff Jarrett vs Kevin Nash


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This may actually be worse than Vamp vs Sting. It goes longer, makes less sense if that is even possible and just has overall some of the worst main event lazy Kevin Nash tendencies you can imagine. The Filthy Animals are all out there and I discovered that 2000 Rey Mysterio is healthy and just being wasted away in one of his peak years. Imagine that. Nash gets his leg worked over and then promptly never makes any motion to sell it whatsoever once he goes back on offense. The big reveal is Goldberg turning heel which we know flopped huge in retrospect as well as on revisit. What a turd where no way except maybe Russo and Bischoff look better coming out of this. ¼*

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Michael Buffer with the introductions! ‘The Cat’ is out after the wrestler and he’s got some announcements of his own. The special guest bell ringer for the match will be Konan, the timekeeper is Rey Misterio Jr, the belt keeper is Disco Inferno, the special guest ring announcer is ‘Juvi the Juice’, while the special ring enforcer is himself as the New Blood look to stack the deck against Nash. ‘Big Sexy’ gets the better of the collar and elbow tie ups, so the Filthy Animals are all up on the apron causing a distraction. It works though as Jarrett is able to pounce on Nash when his back is turned. He fights back with some knees to the mid-section and a high beel across the ring. Clothesline over the top rope to the floor, he then puts Jarrett over his shoulder to ram him into the ring post, however ‘Double J’ slips down his back and shoves Nash into it instead. ‘Big Sexy’ reverses the whip to the guardrail and drops Jarrett face first onto the announcer’s table. They head out into the crowd, but as they return back to the ringside area, Rey Jr with a chair to Nash’s knee. As the official admonishes Rey, the other Animals roll him into the ring. Jarrett picks up a chair and repeatedly hits the knee with it as he focuses all his efforts on that one limb. Spinning toe hold followed by a single leg crab, however Nash is able to grab the ropes for the break. Figure Four and ‘Big Sexy’ almost passes out from the pain before again forcing the break by reaching the ropes. Konan KO’s Nash with the ring bell behind the referee’s back, but he kicks out of the pin. Side slam and now Nash is attacking the Filthy Animals who are once more on the apron, and isn’t even bothered about trying to sell that knee that Jarrett has spent the last ten minutes or so working on! He clocks ‘Double J’ with the World title belt that he’s bought into the ring and as Mickey Jay counts, Disco just waltzes in and drops an elbow on the official. Juvi cracks Nash in the back with a chair and ‘The Cat’ replaces Jay as the match referee. Jarrett drapes an arm over ‘Big Sexy’, but again he’s able to kick out before the three. The Filthy Animals are back involving themselves in proceedings and Nash handles the four of them but gets caught by a shot from Jarrett. ‘The Stroke’ and that’s still not enough to put him away. ‘Double J’ grabs his guitar and leaps off the middle turnbuckle attempting to break it over his head, however he snatches him by the throat and plants him with a chokeslam. ‘The Cat’ counts two and then stops, feigning that there is something wrong with his eye. ‘Jackknife’ on ‘the Cat’. Big boot and a ‘jackknife’ on Jarrett, Charles Robinson is out to count the pin but gets pulled from the ring by Rick Steiner. Scott Steiner tries to help Nash, but he gets jumped by Tank Abbott and the two of them fight to the back while it remains seven-on-one in the ring. Goldberg’s monster truck enters the building, he heads to the ring and the Animals and Steiner scatter. He sets himself up to ‘Double J’, but changes direction and takes out Nash instead. Jarrett makes the cover, Goldberg drags Mickey Jay to where it’s taking place and he counts the three. Eric Bischoff and Vince Russo join Goldberg in the ring and the New Blood celebrate together as the PPV goes off the air.


Overbooked is an understatement here! It was Nash fighting against the odds to try and become World champion, but there was just so much going on and I found myself losing interest and checking to see how long was left as it was dragging something rotten. It’s like the writers thought how can we screw with Nash so he doesn’t win the belt, then decided to put it all into the one match: the Filthy Animals at ringside alongside ‘The Cat’, blatant interference, attacking of the official, heel ref not counting, weapons and foreign objects, run-ins and to top it off we’ll have Goldberg turn on him too! Too much and too long. Superman Nash doesn’t even bother to sell the leg after Jeff had spent so long working on it as well rendering that part of the match pointless. Dire!

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-06-11-WCW-Great American Bash] Jeff Jarrett vs Kevin Nash

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