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[2000-06-12-WWF-Raw] Vince & Shane McMahon vs D-Von & Bubba Ray Dudley


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The Dudley’s are over like crazy and I appreciated how well Vince and Shane put them over throughout this match. Bubba and D-Von dominated and the crowd was eating it up. We get a scary moment at the finish when it appears that Vince will be Bubba bombed through the table that Shane is laying on when they both topple to the outside unplanned. DX interferes and sends both Dudley’s through the table. Tori was supposed to break the table on the first dive but that is botched and Bubba does a good job of ad libbing and fighting back until DX takes back over and Tori does her dive again giving DX the match. **

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The Dudleys bring a table out with them and as they set it up at ringside they’re jumped by the McMahon’s. They pair off, although it’s not too long before the tide turns as Bubba hot shots Shane across the barricade while Vince is swiftly overpowered by D-Von. The Dudleys repeatedly slam the McMahon’s heads into the announcer’s table and then whip Vince into the ring steps. Bubba throws Shane into the ring where he drills him with some lovely looking right hands to the jaw. After D-Von bodyslams Vince on the concrete, they hit a superplex/leg drop off the middle combination to Shane. Vince staggers into the ring only for the world’s biggest grapefruits to be on the receiving end of a D-Von diving headbutt. 3-D on Shane and the Dudleys collect themselves a couple of tables. They lay Shane across one of them and are about to superbomb Vince onto his son, when out sprints D-X to help. Vince takes a nasty looking spill all the way to the floor after Road Dogg nails Bubba and he loses control of him. X-Pac and Dogg double powerbomb D-Von through one of the tables and then lay Bubba on the other. Tori is about to get her revenge for all those months ago but botches the splash off the top and the table doesn’t break. The crowd are laughing pretty audibly at that. Some real smart improvisation from Bubba who shows a ton of fire, hitting anyone that moves and the crowd forget about laughing and are back to cheering the Dudleys. Of course he gets overwhelmed by the numbers and they repeat what was originally planned, only this time with Shane assisting and adding extra force to make sure Tori puts him through it.


Fun match and the Dudleys are over big time at this period. If Vince & Shane were going over this was the right way to do it, and it’s the kind of loss that won’t hurt the Dudleys momentum in the slightest. They controlled the whole match, put a beating on the McMahon’s and it was only due to interference and the odds being too much did they eventually lose. Extra props for Bubba in the way that he tried to cover for Tori’s botch and the way he got the crowd back into the match quick sharp.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-06-12-WWF-Raw] Vince & Shane McMahon vs D-Von & Bubba Ray Dudley

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