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[2000-06-12-WCW-Nitro] Goldberg vs Kevin Nash


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Goldberg gives his reasoning for the heel turn and it makes no sense and boils down to him making a deal with the devil. Ok then. Nash comes out and gets arrested for trying to attack the crew. Nash said he had plans tonight but will change those. What the fuck else was he doing? WCW is so edgy right now with Russo calling Nash a SOB and Nash saying shit. They book Nash vs Goldberg for later. They really are trying to move the needle on these shows but this stuff is just awful right now. Nash’s nephew is named Hunter. Cute. Nash tells Scott Steiner of all people to be the guardian of his nephew. Nash comes out for his match in street clothes. Does anyone wear gear anymore? I’m losing my mind watching this stuff. Nash and Goldberg actually have a fun sprint full of big punches and kicks. Goldberg is dominant and we get the first legit crowd reaction of the night with a Goldberg sucks chant. Russo decides that abusing one underaged kid isn’t enough for one show so he forces Hunter to watch Nash get beat up. Steiner comes out and goes through New Blood but gets beat up by the cops. Notice how the crowd heat died once this overbooked shit took effect. Show ends with Tony screaming and NB looking dominant again. They had two good minutes together at least. ¾*

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Eric Bischoff and Vince Russo are both very proud of themselves after what happened last night. ‘Easy E’ says it shouldn’t have been a surprise though because Goldberg and he, Goldberg and the New Blood, have so much in common. When Goldberg was out of action, all the likes of Hogan, Sting and Nash could talk about was how they’ve got their ‘spot’ back; because from the moment he debuted they knew ‘he’ was the future of the company, and not them. So all he ever heard was how shallow Bill Goldberg was, how much of a team player Bill Goldberg wasn’t. He proved to them last night though that he’s the ultimate team player and he’s on their team, he came back to him because he knew he was the one person he could trust. Goldberg joins them and claims everyone in the back has tried to knife him so he sold his soul to the Devil. That way they get what they want and he gets what he wants, which is him standing over every last son of a bitch who had tried to screw him. The commentators are trying to sell this huge, like Goldberg is shooting or something, but it’s just not connecting at all. Nash interrupts them and tells Goldberg that ever since he arrived this company gave everything to him on a silver platter. He thinks he made Goldberg? Eric Bischoff thinks he made Goldberg? “Sting made Goldberg, Scott Hall made Goldberg, Hulk Hogan made Goldberg, Ric Flair made Goldberg and Kevin Nash made Goldberg” Nash claims he had plans for tonight (it’s Nitro night pal, you should be working!), but there’s one thing he’s got to do first, and he’s not leaving the building without Goldberg’s blood on his hands! ‘Big Sexy’ heads to the ring, however he throws a couple of law enforcement officers who are in his way down, and they end up macing and cuffing him. Russo tells the police officers he doesn’t want Nash arrested he wants him released into his custody, because what he’s looking for tonight is big ratings, so it’s going to be Kevin Nash versus Bill Goldberg later in the show.


The officers put Nash into a police car to cool off, while Russo tells a young lad that Nash is going to get the beating of his life later on. Scott Steiner chases Russo off and Nash asks him to take care of his nephew (the young lad), Hunter. Oh dear!


No wrestling gear for Nash tonight as he’s wearing jeans and an Ice Hockey jersey, while the New Blood (Filthy Animals, Mamalukes, Chuck Palumbo, Shawn Stasiak and Shane Douglas) all accompany Goldberg to ringside. Nash attacks Goldberg as soon as he steps through the ropes and the two trade rights. Big boot to the face and Goldberg rolls to the floor. Back inside and he ducks under a shot before levelling Nash with a great looking standing side kick to the head. Goldberg pounds on him, and the moment it looks like ‘Big Sexy’ might get back into this, the New Blood are all up on the apron causing a distraction. Chair shot by Goldberg is pulled drastically and misses by a country mile, but Nash sells it like he’s been shot! ‘Hunter’ is now at ringside cheering on his ‘uncle’ (where is Steiner?) and Russo is out and forcing him to watch as Goldberg continues to beat on him. Scott Steiner (oh, here he is!) tries to help and is running through the New Blood when the police officers arrive. He forearms a couple of them across the chops and they then beat him with their Billy clubs like he’s Rodney King! As Steiner is cuffed and being taken away, Ernest Miller kicks him which results in him being arrested too (which I found pretty funny). ‘Hunter’ is in the ring checking on Nash, Russo and Goldberg start celebrating and this ends without a finish.


Three terrible segments here. The promo trying to explain Goldberg’s heel turn was desperate, both in the fact that they were clutching at straws to try and justify it and the reasons given made minimal, if any sense. Plenty of profanity too (four uses of the term ‘son of a bitch’ alone, and two of them by Russo), which again reeks of desperation in trying to make this have an air of legitimacy about what is being said. The use of this nephew called ‘Hunter’ was too inside and playing to the newsletter readers/internet crowd and added nothing but a “hey, aren’t we clever. We’re ribbing the opposition”. Lousy action, with an awful missed chair shot and a non-finish to boot. The fact Nash couldn’t even be bothered to change into his ring gear for it says all you need to know about the (non) match.

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