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[2000-06-15-WWF-Smackdown] Chris Jericho vs Bull Buchanan


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Steph is out on commentary. Jericho starts out hot and when he goes outside he takes a swig of water and spits it in Stephanie's face. Great reaction from the crowd on that. Steph then gets the entire bucket and splashes Jericho while going for a lionsault and Bull picks up the win. HHH comes rushing down and puts the boots to Jericho. This has been a nicely done feud that should have set up Jericho winning some sort of blowoff. In a perfect world, I think Jericho's hair vs Steph would have been ideal but that was never happening. 1/2*



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Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley makes her way out to ringside to join Michael Cole and ‘the King’ at the commentary desk. She’s got a surprise opponent for Chris Jericho tonight who turns out to be Bull Buchanan. Another sub-two minute televised match, but Jericho is still able to get in his staples such as the facebuster, middle rope missile dropkick and springboard dropkick to his opponent who is on the apron. Y2J drop toe holds Bull into the ring steps and then takes a swig from a bottle of water which he spits into Stephanie’s face. Back inside and he floors Bull with a clothesline. Lionsault, but as he leaps to the middle, Steph throws a bucket of water at him drenching him with its contents. Axe kick by Bull and he gets the win, much to Steph’s approval who gives him a round of applause from the outside. Triple H runs out and puts the boots to Y2J after the match before pedigreeing him as a bunch of officials have no luck whatsoever in trying to regain order. Steph’s facial expressions throughout all of this are a joy.

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