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[2000-06-15-WWF-Smackdown] The Rock vs Kurt Angle


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Angle is the mystery opponent for Rock. We get a promo from both beforehand with Rock showing how hot he is once again burying Kevin Kelly and getting a great crowd reaction. Steph and HHH are backstage with Steph wanting to go to ringside for support for Angle and HHH wanting to sit tight. Steph bolts and HHH follows so that angle is heating up. They get a bit more of a chance to work a match and show their good chemistry. Rock hits the Rock Bottom but all hell breaks loose with interference. The whole faction is out there when Kane tries to make the save. The numbers game catches up to Kane and Rock and HHH pedigrees both and stands tall as the crowd chants for Undertaker with the show going off the air. **1/4

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The Rock heads to the ring first, not knowing who this mystery opponent selected by ‘the Faction’ is, all while Triple H and Stephanie watch on from a monitor backstage. The surprise opponent turns out to be Kurt Angle and Jerry Lawler is a bit disappointed in himself that he didn’t guess, what with Kurt being the man who helped Stephanie retain the Women’s title this week on Raw. Rock cuts off Angle as he’s in the middle of his pre-match promo, gesturing for him to “bring it”. He’s only too happy to, informing us that he’s been bringing it since 1982! Kurt’s not fairing too well, when the camera cuts to Steph and HHH with Stephanie thinking that they should go down there and help him out. Triple H has no interest whatsoever in helping him, but Steph thinks it’s only right after Kurt helped her, so sets off on her own as Michael Cole talks about how she gets a little wide eyed whenever Kurt is in action. Scoop powerslam from the Rock for a two, and the crowd starts booing indicating that someone is on their way. Turns out HHH has decided to accompany his wife after all. As Rock is whipped into the ropes Steph grabs his ankle and the distraction allows Angle to catch him with a belly to belly. Triple H gets in some licks behind Earl Hebner’s back and Kurt with a two count following a belly to back. Rock side steps a charging Angle and launches him over the top rope and to the outside. Hebner is losing all control as HHH and Steph take it in turns to keep him pre-occupied while the other interferes in the match. Kurt ram’s Rock’s head into the ring post before rolling him back into the ring where Rock lays him out with a desperation ‘Rock Bottom’. Powerslam and Angle kicks out. ‘The Game’ is up on the apron and Rock hurls Kurt into him, sending Triple H careering into the ringside barricade. DDT, when out runs Shane McMahon and Bull Buchanan, although Rock sees them coming and drops the pair of them. Spinebuster, ‘People’s Elbow’ and HHH is in to break up the pin just in time, in doing so though he gives Rock the DQ win. Angle, Shane, Triple H and Bull quadruple team the Rock until Kane makes the save, but that brings out Chris Benoit to help ‘the Faction’. Just as it looks like Rock and Kane are holding their own, a pipe carrying Road Dogg and X-Pac turn the tables back in the heels favour. HHH pedigrees Rock then Kane as ‘the Faction’ celebrate.

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