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[2000-06-17-MCW-TV] Jerry Lawler & Reckless Youth & Bitty Little vs K-Krush & Jim Neidhart & Curtis Hughes


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Neidhart keeps bulging and bulging. Now that the lack of crowd heat and dark arena has been mentioned for MCW, I can’t not think about it while watching the matches. Match is decent with Anvil and Hughes getting some big man offense against Little who is a natural FIP. Krush also is the cocky leader of the trio. Lawler kind of stays out of the spotlight in this one but does come in for the big finish. Brawling happens all over the place and Lawler gives a great punch to Hughes where you can see the sweat flying. Lawler gets blasted with the belt from Krush and he picks up the pin. Russell is shocked that the King…. THE KING takes the 3 count. **

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-06-17-MCW-TV] Jerry Lawler & Reckless Youth & Bitty Little vs K-Krush & Jim Neidhart & Curtis Hughes
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No Jim Neidhart busting a move to K-Krush’s rapping this month sadly!  ‘The Anvil’ tells his partners to get out of there as he wants a piece of Bitty Little.  He doesn’t want him for long mind, quickly tagging out to Curtis Hughes after a drop toe hold sends him crashing to the mat.  Spinning wheel kick by Reckless and now Hughes wants out.  Krush backs Lawler into the corner and hammers away.  After running into a big boot though ‘the King’ comes off the middle turnbuckle with a fist drop.  Krush reverses the Little Irish whip and drops him with a lariat.  Seeing him in trouble, Neidhart’s back wanting a piece.  Powerbomb followed by big slam.  Powerslam by Hughes for a two count.  Bitty counters the rear chinlock with a jawbreaker and makes the hot tag to Reckless.  That also brings Lawler in as the match breaks down with everyone, including Hollywood Little, getting involved.  With the official distracted by everything that is going on, Krush grabs the Southern Heavyweight title and KO’s ‘the King’ leading to the fall.  Bitty tries to explain what went down but to no avail as the heels take the win.

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