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[1999-04-06-MUGA] Masashi Aoyagi vs Shigeo Okumura


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Fun signature Aoyagi match, meaning karateka vs. pro wrestler rounds match.Okumura isn't terribly exciting, but decent enough as a wrestler going for takedowns and submissions and willing to stand there and trade shots with Aoyagi. Actually thought this was an Aoyagi carryjob, as he obviously brings all the really fun offense, and did a neat job selling. Aoyagi was getting the better of Okumura, but the younger guy seemed to be cracking the old guy down due to youth. Also, for a guy who you think of as bringing the very real shots, Aoyagi had some really fun pro stylized kicks and punches, such as a really slick axe kick he threw after evading a takedown, or a diving kick off the 2nd rope. His punch to the throat was obviously the highlight. Match was pretty short at only 9 minutes and didn't have an outstanding finish but it was still really cool to see what Aoyagi could do against such a generic guy.

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