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[1978-06-01-NJPW] Bob Backlund vs Antonio Inoki

paul sosnowski

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I'm not going to review the whole match yet. I just wanted to figure out what's going on with this footage. I heard something about TV Asahi lost the tape or it got damaged or something and a fan had a recording of the original TV airing. It has never aired on NJ Classics.


We get the first 26:20 of the match complete. I can clearly hear the time calls, 10, 15, 20 ,25 minutes. Then it abruptly goes to a commercial and comes back and a graphic on the screen tells us on the screen that it is still the first fall and we are at about the 38 minute mark. Inoki wins by countout (2:32 after the commercial break)


The second fall is supposed to go 20:58 to a 61 minute draw, i don't know why it isn't 60 minutes, but ok... Another commercial break and the graphic on the screen tells us that we are picking up the second fall at around the 13 minute mark. We get another 7:40 of action before the final bell tolls.


Very good quality for 1978 VHS footage. In total there is almost 37 minutes of action. I am satisfied. I'll try to do a full review later in the week.



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