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[1999-12-25-BattlARTS] Daisuke Ikeda & junji.com vs Mohammed Yone & Mitsuya Nagai


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Nothing like celebrating christmas through a big ol' BattlARTS style asskicking. This was Ikeda & junji vs. two big damn crowbars. For someone who is notorious for laying epic beatings on others, Ikeda is really good at fighting from underneath and making the opponent look like a menacing force: he sells sympathetic, makes a strong comeback and then in turn levels the other guy with stiff shots. This was one of those pro-style leaning BattlARTS matches were they don't do much matwork and just beat eachother to a pulp, which plays to the strengths of Yone and Nagai. Junji was pretty fun here, as he got basically no offense and was beaten and stretched badly. The finish has Nagai laying a series of brutal kicks on junji and finally finished him off with a huge spinkick to his mouth. He totally executed the little guy. Match probably needed a little more Ikeda to get on the high end BattlARTS side, but was still pretty fun.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1999-12-25-BattlARTS] Daisuke Ikeda & junji.com vs Mohammed Yone & Mitsuya Nagai

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