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[2000-06-26-WCW-Nitro] Rey Misterio Jr & Juventud Guerrera vs Mark Jindrak & Sean O'Haire


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Jindrak and O’Haire get their debut on the big stage and Juvy and Rey are good opponents to make them look good even though Rey especially is wasted in this secondary Filthy Animals role. Konnan and Disco can’t decide between the two of them who wants to be more in the limelight. I liked the DDT that was given to Rey when he was on Juvy’s shoulders. The rookies pick up the win and the crowd pops huge for that. After the Animals beat down on them, Lance Strom comes in from the crowd to make the save. We get the “he doesn’t work here” commentary to put that over. **

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Our first look at Sean O’Haire in the project as these two make their Nitro debut. Tony Schiavone says that they have only been at the Power Plant for six months, but considering we watched Jindrak on Saturday Night back in January, I’m not sure how true that statement is. The pair of them are physically impressive specimens and utilize their obvious size advantage over their smaller Filthy Animal opponents. Press slam by O’Haire where he tosses Juvi from one corner to the other. Jindrak misses a no hands (i.e. not grabbing the top rope) Lionsault and the Animals go to work on him. Great looking missile dropkick from ‘the Juice’ for two. They do the Dudleys “wassup” spot, but with Rey substituting a double legdrop in for D-Von’s headbutt. Double dropkick, attempting to sandwich Jindrak in the process, however he moves in time and the two of them dropkick each other. Tag to O’Haire and a double clothesline off the top. Stereo vertical suplexes and O’Haire then launches Rey across the ring and under the bottom rope to the outside. Tilt-a-whirl slam on Juvi by Jindrak, ‘Seanton’ bomb and the rookies are victorious on their debut. Disco and Konan jump them after the bell and Lance Storm makes the save as Mark Madden screams about how he doesn’t even work here.


Jindrak looks as green as he did all those months back on Saturday Night. O’Haire is only slightly better, but the match sees them limited to their flying and strength moves (which look great), while Rey and Juvi try to hold it together. In that respect I don’t know what to make of it? It didn’t flow as smoothly and felt a bit clunky; even Rey and Juvi weren’t as smooth as I would expect from them. Clean, non-interference laden finish is a huge plus point mind.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-06-26-WCW-Nitro] Rey Misterio Jr & Juventud Guerrera vs Mark Jindrak & Sean O'Haire

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