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[2000-06-26-WCW-Nitro] Goldberg vs Jim Duggan


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For a three minute special attraction match, I thought this was great with Duggan showing great fire this advanced in age and Goldberg utilizing the heel bully role better than I would have imagined. He gives a great kidney punch at one point. Duggan could still be relied upon to have the crowd behind him. This was such solid booking of Goldberg beating someone he should have but the segment was engaging and the crowd was invested with any outside interference bullshit. Take notice Russo and Bischoff. ***1/2 (6.8)

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Fantastic video package to open this with clips of when Duggan announced he was diagnosed with cancer and his subsequent return on Thunder. The winner of this goes into the four corners match later in the show, and this has a feel of a ‘last hurrah’ about it for old Hacksaw. The commentators play it up too, wondering as a cancer survivor and with just the one kidney, whether he is ready for a man like Goldberg?


Before Goldberg makes his entrance though, ‘Commissioner Cat’ is out and bans the 2x4 from the ring. Duggan and Goldberg go nose to nose and the two of them trade blows with Hacksaw getting the better of things. Referee Mickey Jay gets between them to try and separate them, Duggan moves him out the way but then gets levelled with a clothesline. Goldberg throws him to the outside and then shoves him into the ring post. Back inside and Goldberg with a left to Duggan’s kidney. Head crank and the crowd are rallying for Hacksaw to get back into things, however Goldberg with another shot to the kidney. Duggan reverses a whip to the turnbuckle and then plants him with a big slam. He signals for the ‘three point stance’, but Goldberg is back to his feet already and fells him with a spear. ‘Jackhammer’ and Goldberg advances to the fourway. He delivers some more shots to Hacksaw’s kidney after the match and Duggan is bleeding from the mouth as the official calls for some medical help. A tearful Debra Duggan rushes to ringside while her husband is loaded onto a stretcher, and after an advert break a bunch of wrestlers (including Alan Funk and Mike Sanders, now promoted from R&B Security) watch on as he is placed into an ambulance.


I thought the presentation of this was excellent; from the opening video package, to the commentators stressing and reiterating about Duggan’s health issues, to his wife rushing out at the end all concerned about. The match itself was a notch above a squash, although I really enjoyed the two hosses at the start trading big bombs with one another, and then Goldberg’s shots to Duggan’s one remaining kidney. The crowd were also much more into this than you would expect given Duggan’s ‘push’, although in that way it is similar to the Battle Royale from last month. As a standalone match though, this is middle of the road for me.

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