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[2000-07-01-MCW-TV] American Dragon vs Spanky


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Dragon and Spanky are duking it out in the first round of the light heavyweight tournament. This is their abridged match but again they did a good job of making a new market be excited to see them by providing a mix of speed and stiffness with the innovated moves. Spanky shows off his character work too having some heelish tactics to win the match. *3/4

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They *really* condensed a lot of good shit into this short match. Clearly they are comfortable with each other and they run through a lot of really cool and pleasing sequences together to make a real good impression here. Spanky gets a cheap win as this rivalry continues. This is what a well-booked schmozzy finish looks like. Great introduction of this feud.



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First round match in the MCW Light Heavyweight title tournament. Fabulous Rocker joins Lance and Kevin Kelly on commentary, and apparently Spanky was introduced as Rocker’s ‘big brother’ last week. Spanky with a drop toe hold, he then runs across the back of Dragon and dropkicks him in the face. He’d rather gesture to the crowd instead of following up, and Dragon levels him with a big boot to the face. A unique, if contrived, sunset flip by Dragon after Spanky had whipped him into the corner. Great counter of the Dragon suplex with a tornado DDT. Huracanrana, but Dragon reverses the whip to the turnbuckles and nails Spanky with a running forearm smash. A second forearm smash followed by a stiff clothesline gets him a two. Rocker is now down at ringside, and after a series of counters and reversals Spanky hits a brainbuster. Dragon puts his foot over the bottom rope, however Rockers knocks if off before the official sees. The ref then counts the three and Spanky advances to the next round of the tournament. Dragon tries to explain to the referee afterwards what happened, but Spanky flees before he can change his decision.


Not overly keen on Spanky being associated with Rocker, hoping that is something that gets quietly forgotten about in the upcoming weeks. Good short match and one that I preferred to Dragon/Reckless from last week. The two of them have really got their stuff together down pat now with their sequences all looking really fluid (that Dragon suplex counter was quality). Spanky gets the cheap win and with the way it happens, the loss doesn’t hurt Dragon one bit.

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