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[2000-07-01-MCW-TV] Jerry Lawler vs K-Krush


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I liked this better than their previous match even with the Bobcat and kat distraction. Krush was better on top and felt like more of a threat for Lawler. Even the eventual pinfall felt like a fluke with Lance unsure on commentary if that was the finish. I don’t know what time this aired in Memphis but Bobcat’s g string felt pretty risky for early morning Saturday programming. **

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Krush is accompanied by Bobcat, who Kevin Kelly refers to as “the virtual door knob of Memphis Championship Wrestling” in that everybody has had a turn of her, while Lawler has got The Kat with him. ‘The King’ reels off a few jokes at Bobcat’s expense, saying that she’s got a lot of class...but it’s all low, and how Krush knew he was bringing The Kat out but the best he could do was one of the Godfather’s girls who lost her seat on the ho train! Lawler backs Krush into the corner off the lock up and he’s immediately complaining about a non-existent hair pull. After a bodyslam by ‘the King’ he tells the official to check on Bobcat, but that’s just a diversary tactic as he then drapes Krush over the middle rope so the Kat can slap him. Bobcat is around to stick up for her man and referee Bill Rush has to get between the two women to stop them tearing clumps out of each other’s hair. Krush pulls a chain from his pants out of the view of Lawler and Rush, and a rather vocal member of the audience is up and trying to tell them both what he’s doing. Rush can’t find it on Krush, but the moment he turns his back, he cold clocks the King’ with the chain. He starts taking it to Lawler, dropping him with a clothesline and a (slow motion) back drop. There’s no-one home on the slingshot senton and as ‘the King’ goes for a chance pin, Bobcat is in at the count of two to break it up. She starts stomping Lawler which is enough for the DQ, and that also brings in the Kat as we get an ECW style catfight complete with gratuitous panty shots.


Enjoyable fair here and I liked Krush as an almost old fashioned heel here with his actions and mannerisms. Nothing world beating or anything, but if you’ve got ten minutes to kill you won’t watch and think you’ve wasted those ten minutes.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-07-01-MCW-TV] Jerry Lawler vs K-Krush

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