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This Week in Wrestling Indys &International 7/23/17


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Pete and Tim are back with their takes on some wrestling from around the world?

1. We discuss the CWF-Worldwide episode.
-Pete fantasy books his stable.
-They discuss a killer main event.
-Talk about how they intergrate talent.
2. NXT
-Talk about what they're mucking up right now.
-What they're doing right.
-3. NJPW G1 Night 1-3
-Discussion and throwing out match ratings
-Has Zach Sabre Jr's performance moved him into the #1 wrestler in thev world according to Pete and Tim.

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Won't spoil it for anyone that hasn't heard it, but the post production insert from Tim talking about Zack Sabre Jnr's chances in the G1 was a classic moment. Glad to hear Pete has ZSJ ranked so highly at the moment, I'm fighting a campaign with my mate who comes to Rev Pro shows with me about how he's the man while he's not a fan. Think he's always going to be a bit of a marmite worker for some, but I'm really enjoying the physicality he's bringing to his matches now alongside the usual technical brilliance. I think I remember a lack of being physical being Finlay's criticism of him when he was in the CWC.

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I had talked in the past about ZSJ in NOAH before coming to the states having a killer instinct and edge that was sorely missing well it seems to have come back once again in Japan the only other time I've really seen ZSJ turn it up this hard was normally in his work with WALTER in wXw but it's nice that now in NJPW a lot more are able to see what Zack can bring.

Also thanks for appreciating the bit guys I thought of it while recording but I'm not quite set up for P2B podcast level antics.

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