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[1978-05-30-NJPW] Tatsumi Fujinami & Riki Choshu vs Bob Backlund & Tony Garea

paul sosnowski

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OMG, I have never seen young Choshu before. He's only 27 years old and about 3 1/2 years into his career. Tony Garea has a huge afro, his hair is huge!!! Backlund and Garea are accompanied by Arnold Skaaland. Backlund has the WWF World title belt, he will defend it against Antonio Inoki in two days. This match is 2 out of 3 falls. All four men shake hands before the bell.


Backlund and Choshu start off. Choshu grabs a side headlock, Backlund lifts him up into an atomic drop. He tags Fujinami, who comes off the ropes with a shoulder tackle and a dropkick. He tries to slam Backlund, but gets rolled up into a small package for the pin and the first fall in 34 SECONDS. Commercial break.


We come back for the second fall JIP at around the 3 minute mark. Garea and Fujinami are facing off, Fujinami grabs a hammerlock, hooks the leg and takes Garea down, front facelock, back up, tag to Choshu. Choshu comes in hits a fireman's carry slam and works Garea's arm. Garea leaps up for a standing headscissors, but Choshu slams him down again, still holding onto the right arm. Garea backs into the ropes, grabs a headlock, three quick headpunches and tags to Backlund. Choshu gets the quick advantage with an armwringer. Backlund trips up Choshu and escapes, lifting him up into a sweet-looking side Saito suplex. They lockup, Backlund scoops him and takes control of the arm, tags to Garea. Garea kicks him in the midsection and drops three knees down on Choshu's chest and left arm. Choshu backs him into the ropes, Garea nails some him with some punches to the stomach and tags Backlund. Backlund double sledges the arm and shoulder, wrenches it around a bit and immediately tags back to Garea. Backlund back in, yanks on the arm and tags Garea again. Choshu comes back with a few elbows to the face and picks up Garea for a backdrop suplex. He gets the hot tag to Fujinami, who comes in and hits a high backdrop, followed by a big dropkick, they exchange some elbows, Fujinami double legs Garea and rolls him back into a rolling clutch cradle for the pin and the second fall at 10:40 (7:18 shown)


Fujinami and Garea start the third fall, Fujinami locks on a standing full nelson. Garea breaks it on the ropes, Fujinami takes him down with a side headlock, Garea rolls him up for a two count. Garea whips him into the ropes, Fujinami comes back with a shoulder tackle and grabs the headlock again, tags to Choshu. Choshu comes in, sends Garea reeling with a big kick and two elbows to the face and a bodyslam. Choshu grabs the leg for a hamstring pull and turns him over into a boston crab. Fujinami tags in, he stomps on the leg, then tags back Choshu who comes in and double team jumps on the leg. Choshu clamps him into the Sasori Gatame!!!! (Scorpion Deathlock/Sharpshooter). Garea makes it to the ropes, they exchange some huge punches and elbows, Garea gets the advantage and tags Backlund, who stuns Choshu with a shoulder tackle. Backlund hiptosses him and hammerlocks the arm, then trips him up with a double leg from the rear. Backlund and Choshu show their amateur skills with a takedown, reversal and a sitout, before Backlund locks on the abdominal stretch. Choshu reverses it, but Backlund hooks him in a double underhook suplex for the pin and final fall at 5:24. Choshu kicks out at three, but its too late.


Garea bored me, the best thing about him was his hair. Young Fujinami and Choshu looked good, Fujinami was soooo skinny. Backlund helps Choshu and Fujinami to their feet and shakes hands again. Total match time 16:38. Three stars ***





















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