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[1999-11-21-WCW-Mayhem] Jeff Jarrett vs Chris Benoit


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This show opener is one of the two semifinals in the Title Tournament. (the other semis match is Sting vs Bret, later on the card) I am trying hard to get over my disgust for Benoit and just watch the match.


The guys put on a solid match. I appreciate that they both come out swinging, showing they really want to win. That's not always the case, especially with WCW openers which tend to be exhibitions from guys like Malenko and Guerrero. But these guys really want the belt. They're hitting hard and trying for pins. One of my favorite bits happens on the floor. Benoit is chopping. He does it twice. The third time, Jarrett ducks it and crotches Benoit on the ring post.


In the end. Benoit wins by knocking out JJ with his own guitar, despite run-ins from Creative Control. Also, Dustin Rhodes helps Benoit. Russo-riffic, baby!


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