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[1994-04-01-CMLL] Emilio Charles Jr vs La Fiera


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Fierathon 2017 continues with this mano a mano from both guys' postprime. Emilio came out to a CMLLized version of Pelo Suelto that was pretty cool. One of the comments on Youtube says that he sang it, but I don't know about that. It didn't sound like his voice. Fiera wore a jacket that just said "WRESTLING" on the back and had Van Halen entrance music, so I think the early advantage went to Emilio. He did a really good job beating the hell out of Fiera, one of the better one on one performances I can recall from him actually, and Fiera again bumped and sold as well as you could expect. It really does impress me how a guy who I think of as SUCH a nasty rudo can be so sympathetic. But then again that's wrestling. This was also a match in which he got violent for his comeback, although I could have done without the Randy Savage arm twirls. The finishing stretch seemed abbreviated and I thought Fiera won the second fall a bit too easily, but what really stopped this from being anything special was that it's 2017 and I can look it up and see that they had a hair vs hair in two weeks, so what does it matter who wins this one? Still a good match and a good Fiera performance, no small feat in 1994 CMLL.

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