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[2017-07-23-Stardom] HZK vs Jungle Kyona


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HZK vs. Jungle Kyona


This match has a vile-sounding headbutt in just the opening sequence! It's amazing that they were able to keep up the pace, because that looked (and sounded) like it hurt like hell. HZK's bully-esque offense was great, with her stomps and kicks to the head, and Kyona brings a certain raw emotion to her performances that draws you in. Great, hard-hitting match. ***3/4


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The first time I saw the headbutt spot, I somehow missed the clunk of their heads colliding. I thought that the headbutt had been worked (easier to do when you have some long hair flying around). My second watch of the match showed me that I was wrong. Please don't kill yourselves, ladies! I'm afraid of Kyona becoming the next Shibata. As for the rest of the match, it was rather stiff affair. I look forward to seeing these two move up the card. Kyona in particular seems to look better in the ring every time I see her.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2017-07-23-Stardom] HZK vs Jungle Kyona

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