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[2017-07-17-AJPW] Kento Miyahara vs Joe Doering


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This match felt like a more condensed version of their CC match from earlier this year, that was short in itself at around 12m.


This match goes eight and a half and is hot all the way through with a great sold out crowd fully behind Joe. The story is, much like the CC match, about Joe working kento's back via clubbing blows, Boston crabs and some of the best Irish whips you will see all year into the corner. Kento sells this work really well but here is where the problem with the short time comes in. He has been worked over but then makes a quick comeback around 5 mins in, they do a few counters before kento wins with the shutdown German. Him coming back so quickly felt rushed due to time constraints and it felt too easy. After the match doering expressed his desire for a triple crown shot in the future but this match made him look a bit too easy to beat for him to earn such a big match. Kento has beaten him twice this year why should he offer him a championship match if he wins his belt back as expected at sumo hall.


Small gripes aside this was a very well worked big guy Vs little guy match with a hot crowd. A small way below the cc match at ***3/4.

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