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[2000-07-03-WWF-Raw] The Rock vs Shane McMahon


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Foley and Rock’s promo was awesome. When Foley does the “It doesn’t matter” catchphrase, the crowd popped huge and so did I. It looks like Shane is getting a little push and he cuts a good promo before being thrusted into the main event against Rock tonight. Before the match starts, Shane makes a plea for Rock to join him and he has a compelling argument but gets punched for his trouble. Benoit comes in with a steel chair and beats him up with Shane’s encouragement. It looks like we have a #1 contender and the crowd is pretty pumped for this overall. ¼*

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Commissioner Foley is out and on hearing his ovation jokes “I thought Hegstrand was back there for a minute!” It goes totally over the head of the audience but makes me laugh anyway. He says he has the best job in the world and in his first week as Commissioner ‘the Faction’ is splitting up, World Wrestling Federation stock is on the rise and they have a new WWF World champion. Unfortunately as Commissioner he has to make some decisions which he knows won’t be popular, to which Jerry Lawler quips “that hair cut was a bad decision!” He’s about to talk about the number one contendership when he’s interrupted by the Rock’s music and the WWF champ heads to the ring to join him. Foley does Rock’s “it doesn’t matter” catchphrase against him (all in good humour) and it sounds like Hegstrand is on his way again with the way the crowd reacts to it! The Rock can’t fathom why there’s all this uncertainty about the number one contendership and thinks Commissioner Mick should just name someone. That brings out Shane McMahon who’s not happy that the power has slipped through his fingers and is now in the hands of a slob he has to call ‘Commissioner Foley’. He’s not going to take it anymore as it should be he who leads the WWF into the next millennium and it should be he who decides who the number one contender is. Foley stops him and thinks that it sounds like he wants to be the number one contender himself. When Shane says that wasn’t what he said at all, Mick asks the Rock and he backs him up, agreeing that it sounded like Shane wants to be the number one contender. The Commissioner then declares Shane McMahon as the new number one contender, and says that they’ll have the match tonight, right here in Orlando, FL!


Before the match starts, Shane takes the mic and says how the Rock knows he has cracked ribs, a hyperextended knee and that he’s not at 100%. He knows Rock wouldn’t want to take advantage of that, because if he was at 100% then Shane McMahon would walk out of Orlando the new World champion. He tells Rock that they shouldn’t be fighting though, they should be allies. The Rock can be the WWF champion forever and they can build the strongest force the World Wrestling Federation has ever known. Shane offers Rock his hand and he responds with a right hand of his own, emphatically answering the proposition. The bell rings to get the bout underway, spinebuster, but then Benoit is out nailing Rock in the back for the DQ after all of nine seconds. ‘The Crippler’ wears out a chair on the Rock before putting him in the crossface as Shane cheers him on. A bunch of refs try to put a stop to the attack but Shane clears the ring of them all while Benoit still has Rock helpless. It’s only when Commissioner Mick waddles to the ring do they decide to leave and make haste.

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