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[2000-07-03-WCW-Nitro] 3 Count vs Jung Dragons


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For a company bleeding money, we still get the full pyro display to open things up. Speaking of cost cutting measures, DJ Ran is still around? Tank has started up the gimmick of being with 3 Count which is cute but like with Big Show earlier in the year, it has a pretty short shelf life and really shows how far he has fallen on the totem pole. Shane Helms gets injured in the opening moments so Tank decides to take his place in the match. Madden has the rare good line that Abbott with 3 Count is like Son of Sam joining N Sync. Tank stops the dive train and knocks of Jimmy Yang. Yang does a ridiculous over the top sell job. *1/4

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Yang does a ridiculous over the top sell job. *1/4


I watched this earlier and I'll write it up in a few days, but in Tank's UFC debut he knocked a guy called John Matua out in 18 seconds. Matua started having convulsions and then Tank mocked him as he was having them. The legend of Tank was made off that one fight, even though as an MMA fighter he wasn't really that good (10-15 career record, and 2-9 in his last 11 fights). I might be giving WCW too much credit here, but this looked like they were playing off that with the way Yang's body was spazzing about and Tank's reaction to it.

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Tank Abbott is out and he’s wearing a 3 Count T-shirt. He commandeers DJ Ran’s turntable (it’s now DJ Tank!) and introduces the greatest Rock & Roll band in the history of the world, 3 Count! As 3 Count dance in the ring, Tanks busts a few moves from behind the turntables. Nice drop toe hold/senton double team by Jamie and Kaz on Evan. Helms and Moore are on the outside and Shannon is calling for help as it looks as though Shane is ‘injured’. As the trainer helps him to the back, Tank decides to leave his DJ position and replace him in the match. Karagias reverses a wheelbarrow suplex into a facebuster on Yang and tags out. Face first suplex by Moore for two. Yang with a spinning facebuster, and a great leg lariat from Hayashi drops Evan. As he backs up in the corner, Kaz charges, but Karagias moves and he goes shooting through the ropes to the floor. Dive train sequence and as Yang goes to finish the train he’s cut off by Tank. Rapid fire punches to the gut have no effect so he assumes the ‘crane position’, however Tank KO’s him with one shot and Yang starts convulsing like he’s John Matua. Shannon makes the cover for the win and Tank tells them all to sing so he can dance again.


In March these teams had an awesome short sprint, but this was nothing of the sort. Adding Tank to 3 Count ‘could’ have worked if he was treated seriously as their security (almost like a modern day Meng for Col. Robert Parker), but as a dancing fool who likes their music, he, and they, automatically become a comedy act. Crazy to think that a month ago he was being groomed for Goldberg and now look where he is? Disappointing match that doesn’t do anything for the Dragons either.

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