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[2000-07-03-WCW-Nitro] Rey Mysterio Jr & Juventud Guerrera vs Lance Storm & Billy Kidman


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Juvy and Rey dressed in Kidman/Storm's gear was funny and Rey shows more here as a heel than at any other point that I can remember. The action here was fun and really the Animals should have been a highlight of the undercard on Nitro being given a ton of time together. I am sort of sad at how Kidman just transitioned back into a straight face off the Hogan feud. The best spot of the match was a diving X-Factor from Rey with Juvy holding Kidman. Konnan and Disco interfere and Rey gets a top rope bulldog on Kidman on a chair for the win. **

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Konan and Disco Inferno have a special interview and would like to bring out the two hottest stars in WCW, Lance Storm and Billy Kidman. It’s not them though, it’s Rey Misterio Jr and Juventud Guerrera dressed up as them. Mark Madden jokes how Storm grew a little! Konan asks ‘Kidman’ how it feels to team up with “the ultra-charismatic Lance Storm”, but all he wants to know is “where’s Torrie?” The real Kidman and Storm put an end to this just as it was starting to get tiresome. Kidman backdrops Juvi over the top rope to the floor, and a dropkick to Rey as Lance is holding him. Assisted moonsault off the middle and Juvi is in to break up the pin. ‘Dominator’ by ‘the Juice’. Blind tag to Storm, Kidman ducks under the lariat and grabs Guerrera around the waist. Release German sees Juvi land on his feet only to get nailed by a Storm superkick. Big press slam, but Rey is in and dropkicks Lance in the chest causing Juvi to fall down on top of him. Legdrop to the groin by Rey for two. Nice huracanrana off a wheelbarrow suplex from ‘the Juice’. ‘Hotshot’ by Lance and he’s able to tag his partner. Sit-out short powerbomb on Rey followed by a belly to back suplex on Juvi. Storm with a guillotine legdrop off the top and Rey breaks up the pin just in time. Double team facebuster on Kidman, and this time Lance is there to break it up. Kidman reverses a powerbomb into a facebuster of his own, whilst Lance with a sit-out powerbomb to Rey. Juvi takes Storm over the top to the outside with a huracanrana and Konan is up on the apron distracting the official. Disco slides a chair into the ring and Rey with a bulldog off the top onto it for the win.


Enjoyed this one a lot; all action, ridiculously fast paced match with everyone keeping up with each other. Both teams had some nice double team manoeuvres, and considering they’ve been just thrown together, was very impressed by the Storm and Kidman team. Agree with Chad’s comments on Kidman’s face turn and I’ve mentioned it previously that it’s been rushed through. Disappointed we got interference for the finish though.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-07-03-WCW-Nitro] Rey Mysterio Jr & Juventud Guerrera vs Lance Storm & Billy Kidman

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