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[2000-07-05-WCW-Thunder] Rey Mysterio Jr vs Disco Inferno vs Billy Kidman vs Lance Storm


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As wasted as Rey is in this role, at least he looks like he is having some pride in his in ring work between this performance and Monday. This is a relevos suicidas match and does a pretty good job of getting that stipulation over with the regular tag partners having some animosity against each other based on the match structure. The leg drop from Rey in particular was a highlight. Storm continues to be put in a good position early on in the company. **

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Heel Rey slapping the hands of the fans as he makes his entrance! Four corners match and the Filthy Animals attack Lance as soon as he enters the ring. Drop toe hold, legdrop to the back of the neck combination. Kidman sprints to help Storm and the Animals jump to the outside, however with Kidman and Storm in the ring, the bell now sounds to start the match. Huracanrana by Kidman. Back elbow to the jaw from Storm and a big press slam. Kidman slides down his back though for a sunset flip and they run through a series of Guerrero/Malenko pinfall attempts and reversals. The Animals with a pair of cheap shots from behind and Rey tags himself in. Russian legsweep by Disco and he holds Storm’s legs as Rey hits a legdrop off the top to the groin. ‘Broncobuster’, but Lance gets his foot up and it’s not a pleasant landing for Rey! He tags Disco who checks on his Filthy Animals teammate, however Rey small packages him for two. Disco’s not happy though thinking they should work together. Rey looks like he now agrees, but when they shake hands he boots him in the mid-section and drops him with a DDT (which he’s rather amused by). He heads out onto the apron for a springboard, when Storm tags himself in and nails Disco with a springboard clothesline. Rey breaks up the subsequent pin, springboard legdrop to Lance with him draped over the middle rope, and this time it’s Kidman who breaks it up. He counters a Misterio headscissors off the middle into a powerbomb and Disco breaks this pin up. Great Paul Orndorff-esque piledriver on Kidman and Storm completes the sequence. He whips Disco to the corner, charges, but is met with a back elbow. When Disco charges at Storm, Lance grabs the right leg and rolls through into the single crab for the win.


Another impressive outing from Lance Storm here and I really liked that roll through into the single legged crab for the submission. Disco stands out like a sore thumb in this company, but the other three more than compensated. Cool piledriver from him though, and a nice bit of dissension between the Filthy Animals teammates with Rey attempting to get the pin on Disco and more interested in getting the win for himself. Fun match.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-07-05-WCW-Thunder] Rey Mysterio Jr vs Disco Inferno vs Billy Kidman vs Lance Storm

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