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[2000-07-06-WWF-Smackdown] Kurt Angle vs Chris Jericho


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We start off SmackDown with an Angle and Jericho promo and another marquee match. Steph makes her way to ringside in the early going. A good match as these two have better chemistry throughout 2000 than I remembered. Steph continues to be a great foil for Jericho and the finish was clever as she uses Kurt’s scepter to lowblow Jericho and Angle wins with the Olympic Slam. Backstage, Kurt is celebrating by throwing milk but it gets on Taker’s bike. Angle bolts when he realizes this. Funny. **1/2

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‘King Kurt’ is carrying his crown and sceptre out with him. He doesn’t do this often, but would like to apologize to the Undertaker and his brother for costing them the WWF tag team titles last Monday night. His intentions were only to help his good friends Edge & Christian, and he knows that the Undertaker has more than enough integrity to forgive him! Y2J has some apologies of his own he wishes to make; firstly to all the Jerichoholics for having to listen to another one of Kirk Angel’s (sic) long winded speeches! Secondly to Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley, he quickly changes his mind though and decides that he doesn’t want to apologize to her, and finally he wants to apologize for putting Triple H through a table last Thursday on Smackdown, although he really quite enjoyed that and can’t wait to do it again!


As soon as the bell rings out wanders Stephanie to ringside in order to keep a closer eye on proceedings. Angle backdrops Jericho over the top rope, but he lands on the apron, runs up the turnbuckles and levels Kurt with a missile dropkick. Another hot shot, this time as part of Angle’s repertoire! Snap suplex for a two. Kurt sends Y2J flying through the ropes to the outside and slams him into the announcer’s table. Loud “Y2J, Y2J” chant from the fans. Jericho ducks under a clothesline and hits that glorious double underhook backbreaker across his knee. Spinning heel kick. Angle goes for a leap frog, but Jericho catches him mid-air and powerslams him to the mat. Facebuster, and as Y2J makes the cover, Stephanie is up on the apron distracting Tim White. Jericho takes a swing at her, although she drops to the floor out of his reach just in time. Angle tries to get the jump on him, however Y2J sees him coming and gets in first with a boot to the stomach. ‘Walls of Jericho’ but Stephanie is at it again, this time using Kurt’s sceptre to low blow Jericho. Her work for the day done, she makes her way to the back as Angle gets the win after the ‘Olympic slam’.


Following a commercial break Kurt is shown celebrating backstage, throwing food and drink from the crew’s buffet everywhere. We get a Mideon sighting who informs Kurt that he just got some of that drink over the Undertaker’s motorbike. Angle doesn’t bother to stick around to see Taker’s reaction, hopping straight into a taxi without even bothering to change out of his ring gear or collect his bags!

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