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[1992-04-17-CMLL] La Fiera vs Black Magic


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Just two weeks after his failed title challenge Fiera found himself in another one on one. He cut a promo about continuing Blue Panther's mission of ridding Mexico of its foreigners while flocked by some giddy rudo fans, and then he spent the first fall putting on a rudo masterpiece. He kicked Black Magic's ass all over the ring and treated him like the newcomer he was, and made rudo referee Gato Montini his half-witting accomplice. The clothesline with the chain was pure brilliance, and as a token of appreciation he clapped right in Montini's face afterward, just to let the ref know how much of a sucker he'd been. Everything in the ring was under Fiera's control. After the fall he wore the biggest, smuggest grin on his face while even getting some Me-xi-co chants. And then by the end of the match he was threatening to kick Montini, the man he'd figured was in his back pocket, right in the face, and screaming about how it was all bullshit, that a man of only physique could never defeat someone who truly understands the sport. By this point the crowd was chanting for Magic, much to Fiera's shock, and he pretty much sealed the deal when he backed out of a postmatch fight just like Bret Hart at Wrestlemania 13. His contemptuous look back towards the ring would have made the Hitman proud, too. So by the end of the match Fiera hadn't just put over Magic, he'd given him the crowd and told a twenty minute story of his own unraveling. The actual wrestling wasn't that interesting but for performance and meeting the booking's goal this was excellent.

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