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[2000-07-12-IWA-MS-Survive This] Corporal Robinson vs Blaze (Falls Count Anywhere, No Time Limit, Fans Bring the Weapons)


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I had high hopes for this based on the beginning. The hate felt real and the match revolved around big punches and weapons with malice instead of stunt show and walk brawling. Then they spill out to the parking lot where the camera can't follow them and we lose a bit as when they return Blaze is in control and the walk brawling is pretty prevalent. Back inside the ring, things continue to be a bit of a sludge as the interference from the outside happens constantly for Blaze. Corp is a good underneath seller but this is really gratuitous. Match also falls into the IWA-MS death match trap of being about five minutes too long. Referee bump happens and this is a 2-1 match culminating in Corp going through a light tube cluster in between chairs and getting pinned. A ho hum end to the night. **1/4

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-07-12-IWA-MS-Survive This] Corporal Robinson vs Blaze (Fans Bring the Weapons)
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Cuts in the video are often infuriating, not so here though as whoever did the editing saves us from a long winded Blaze promo!  Corp is itching for a fight and chases after his opponent, pummelling him with some rights and a stiff looking clothesline.  Blaze rolls under the bottom rope but he’s not getting away that easy, Corp following him out and whipping him into the rows of chairs before digging a broken light tube into his forehead.  We lose the action for a while as they head off into the car park and on their return see that Corp is now busted open.  Robinson piledrives Blaze onto a pile of chairs but Blaze’s second, Nathan Future, breaks up the pin.  They disappear off out of sight for a second time and this time when they return it’s Blaze in charge.  Corp reverses the Irish whip on the floor sending Blaze crashing into the ring post.  Someone is greatly exaggerating the time here as we get a “fifteen minutes has passed” announcement, even though my counter is saying nine and that doesn’t take into account four minutes at the start for introductions and ring entrances!  Corp gets a two count following a superkick but, when he goes for it again, Blaze catches the leg and plants him with a modified powerbomb.  He dumps Corp across the top rope and then comes off the middle with an elbow to the back of his head.  Corp blocks the top rope rana with a low blow, powerbomb and Future once more with the save.  After a DDT yields the same outcome, Robinson has had enough and grabs ‘the protégé’.  All that does though is to allow Blaze the opportunity to jump him from behind.  Corp looks for a frankensteiner but a swinging leg catches the official knocking him down.  ‘Bootcamp’ however there is no-one to count the fall.  Corp looks daft as here, knowing full well that he took the ref out, not to mention that he could clearly see him laid on the mat.  Future is back involving himself and its two-on-one time as they double team Corp.  He positions some light tubes between a pair of chair and spinebusters Robinson through them.  Blaze makes the cover and Future drags the ref over, assisting him in making the count.  Corp gets a bit of post-match retribution, giving Future a ‘Bootcamp’ onto some broken light tubes and it sounds like he’s setting up a Taipei Death match as the footage cuts out.

I don’t know why, but I get the impression that Blaze is a pretty reluctant Death match worker.  Considering this was ‘fans bring the weapons’ they didn’t bring many, while bar one pin attempt on the floor, the wrestlers didn’t utilise the ‘falls count anywhere’ aspect of things either.  This was the polar opposite to the previous match in that it started out strong but went downhill from there; the ref bump was weak, the Nathan Future interference repetitive and the match was longer than necessary.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-07-12-IWA-MS-Survive This] Corporal Robinson vs Blaze (Falls Count Anywhere, No Time Limit, Fans Bring the Weapons)

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