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[2000-07-13-WWF-Smackdown] Kurt Angle vs Kane


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Before the match starts we see Angle backstage with Steph. He gets a hug and then quickly pushes off when HHH emerges. HHH is pissed as Angle makes his entrance. His pyro scaring him is humorous. The match is nothing much but did see Angle trying to go after the legs of Kane and do other stuff to make it interesting for the four minute duration. HHH runs down and sends Angle into the steps really kickstarting what will be the SummerSlam angle. HHH sends Angle back into the ring where Kane is able to hit the chokeslam for the pin. *1/2

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Kurt is pacing backstage, clearly not looking forward to this match, when out from another room walks Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley. He tells her that he’s glad to see her, before saying how it’s bad enough that Commissioner Foley books him in a match against the Undertaker at Fully Loaded, but tonight with Kane as well? They both agree that it’s unfair before Kurt asks her for a hug. Steph’s a bit taken back, though is more than happy to and seems to be enjoying it. Triple H exits from the same door as Stephanie and catches them. Kurt quickly pulls away and says how he’s got to be on his way and leaves for his match. When Hunter questions Steph about what he just saw, she tells him that she was just walking by when Angle grabbed and forced himself upon her. Oh Steph!


Angle is concerned as he makes his entrance and keeps checking behind him in anticipation for HHH, so much so that even the pyro makes him jump! This is reminiscent of when Kane & Taker battled Edge & Christian with how dominant Kane is here. He blocks all of Kurt’s suplex attempts, does overhead military presses with him and hits a flying clothesline off the top. Kane goes for the chokeslam but Angle repeatedly kicks away at his leg to put a stop it. Shoulder tackle to the leg and still Kane won’t drop off his feet. Eventually he does and Kurt stomps away at his knee. He wraps Kane’s leg around the ring post when out from the back comes Triple H who jumps him and throws him into the ring steps. He tosses him back inside where Kane can finally land that chokeslam for the win.

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