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[1990-09-01-AJPW-Summer Action Series II] Stan Hansen vs Steve Williams

Superstar Sleeze

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AJPW Triple Crown Champion Stan Hansen vs Dr. Death - AJPW 9/1/90


This was the title match on the big Budokan Misawa vs Jumbo rematch card. Interesting how the gaijin (Hansen vs Doc/Gordy) have been the main thrust of the title picture while Jumbo vs Misawa is going on. Jumbo vs Misawa didn't need the title so this raised the stakes of the Hansen vs Gordy and Hansen vs Doc matches. I think this is the match I have seen in the past not the June match because I distinctly remembering Hansen steamrolling the flower girl. I was confused in the June match when it did not happen. It also explains why the June match was so much better than I remembered it being. This was really good as a match type I like without being my favorite. I love big, burly, uncooperative, raw bone, sloppy brawls between two big, ugly heavyweights. I enjoyed this immensely for that while realizing it is not the best that genre has to offer. They just beat the shit out of each other and everything felt so urgent. I loved Hansen grabbing the ropes for dear life on the Oklahoma Stampede and just how desperate Doc was to get the Stampede. The finish of Hansen missing the Lariat, Doc getting the Stampede only for Hansen to roll through was awesome. This was Hansen only successful title defense of this reign. Recommended for those who love Mid-South style heavyweight wrestling. Definitely watch their June 1990 match though. ***1/2

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