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[2000-07-14-Revolution Pro] Super Dragon & Rising Son & Mr Excitement vs Ultra Taro Jr & Excalibur & Disco Machine


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The So-Cal guys definitely bring a different flavor to the stuff we have seen in 2000. This was an all action six man that didn’t take much time to breathe. As a result, the match wasn’t really “great” but it was fun to watch and probably pretty mindblowing in a 2000 context. Rising Son looked good here and I have always had a soft spot for Disco Machine’s gimmick. Super Dragon took more of a beating here than in the Taro match and ends up eating the pin which surprised me. ***1/4 (6.4)

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-07-14-Revolution Pro] Super Dragon & Rising Son & Mr Excitement vs Ultra Taro Jr & Excalibur & Disco Machine
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Mr Excitement is distracted by Disco’s clowning, allowing Taro and Excalibur to land a pair of dropkicks and give them the initial advantage.  Extra points here already as it looks like they were working towards a ‘stand off’, but Excitement drills Excalibur in the jaw instead.  After getting his ass handed to him a week ago Taro is already doing faring better against Dragon this time out; countering the hip toss into a nice arm drag, landing a switch huracanrana and connecting on a stiff lariat.  Rope walk rana by Son on Disco.  Excalibur accidentally catches Disco with a superkick and as he collapses in the corner, a Son drop toe hold results in his face ending up in Disco’s crotch.  An Iceman Parsons flying butt bump out of Excitement!  Dragon with a springboard missile dropkick to Excalibur and with Disco still prone in the corner, he ties Taro in a rocking horse and swings his head into Disco’s groin.  Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker on Taro.  A dive train sequence ends with a Dragon shooting star to the floor, getting the first “Revolution” chant of the night.  Release Dragon suplex followed by an inverted suplex dropped into a sit out driver as Taro is once again taking the brunt of the punishment.  Jeez, Dragon throws Disco into the wall and leaves a big old hole in the plaster!  As he looks for a second driver, Disco saves his partner in time with a missile dropkick.  Spinning wheel kick on Disco by Son.  He then heads upstairs for a frog splash, changing his own trajectory while in mid-air.  A nifty little take down into a Boston crab by Excitement.  Dragon switches places with him, applying a camel clutch, and Son and Excitement with a pair of basement dropkicks.  Running forearm smash in the corner.  Mr Excitement sits Disco on the top turnbuckle and launches him to the mat.  Dragon with a ‘Psycho Driver’, ‘Swanton’ by Son but Disco is in to break it up.  A delayed piledriver and that does put Taro down for the count.  It transpires that this is elimination rules as the match is continuing.  Son misses a ‘Swanton’, Disco hooks the leg and makes the cover and now he’s gone.  That’s a real soft elimination after what we’ve seen so far.  Powerslam on Mr Excitement, who kicks out of the pin attempt as I thought we were getting our second weak elimination in a row.  Shoulderbreaker, Disco drops a leg and the ref counts the three, completely missing that Excitement put a foot over the bottom rope.  Guessing I spoke too soon about those weak eliminations!  What’s happened to Excalibur by the way?  Disco is knackered and this can surely only end one way against Dragon.  Maybe not as he catches the spin kick and dumps him to the mat.  Snap Dragon suplex by Disco.  Dragon with a float over into a Michinoku Driver followed by a Phoenix Splash.  He’s not done yet and heads back upstairs, this time though Disco rolls out the way of the Shooting Star.  Pedigree, and that shows what I know as Disco takes the final and deciding fall for his team.

Excalibur wasn’t around for the post-match celebrations so re-checked and it looked like he got hurt during the dive train, either on his own dive or on Dragon’s.  A few minutes later you see Taro say something to the referee, presumably explaining the situation.  I think this would’ve worked better as a traditional six man match as opposed to an elimination one due to how weak a couple of those eliminations were.  Still I thought this was a very good match, even more so considering the experience level of all involved.

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