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[2000-07-15-IPW-Hardcore Heat] Scoot Andrews & Buck Quartermaine vs Jet Jaguar & Mike Sullivan


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Scoot is a pretty damn good wrestler. This didn't have near the action of the Rev Pro tag I watched before but it did have its own set of charm mainly in when Scoot was being the FIP. He does a great job of creating sympathy and then powering through to hit his high spots in the late stages of the match. Jaguar/Sullivan's valet was pretty generic and overall didn't add much. This was a good tag match almost exclusively on the shoulders of Scoot. *** (5.8)


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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-07-15-IPW-Hardcore Heat] Scoot Andrews & Buck Quartermaine vs Jet Jaguar & Mike Sullivan
  • 5 months later...

I want one of those ‘Iceman’ Buck Quartermaine Tour T-shirts!  Proper old school opening between ‘the Iceman’ and Sullivan, working things around a side headlock and a hammerlock.  Jet comes in to try and help his partner but ends up on the receiving end of a double flapjack.  Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker by Scoot for a two.  A big powerslam and there is something methodical about the way that they’re taking it to their opponents.  Quartermaine with a suplex and Sullivan is in to break up the pin.  Jet reverses the Irish whip and Sullivan with a knee to the back of Scoot as he hits the ropes.  A “fuck you blondie!” brings ‘the Iceman’ into the ring, but while the ref tries to get him back on the apron, it allows Sullivan and Jaguar to double team his partner.  Nerve hold by Sullivan, Scoot’s arm dropping twice but not the third time.  Jet comes off the top with a big splash, however he hits his head on the low ceiling wrecking a few of the panels!   A Sullivan clothesline turns Scoot inside out, cutting off any hope he had after the crossbody.  He throws him through the ropes to the outside where his valet gives him the gentlest of slaps to the face.  When the fans try to get behind Scoot, Sullivan tells them to “get back to McDonalds!”  Scoot fights his way out of the rear chinlock, flying elbow and hot tags to ‘the Iceman’.  ‘Angel’s Wings’ on Jaguar and Sullivan saves his partner just in time.  A pier six ensues and with Quartermaine and Sullivan going at it on the floor, Scoot spikes Jet with his pumphandle driver for the win.

Coincidentally I too watched this after the three Revolution Pro matches and it was a welcome change of pace to what was going down in Southern California.  Solid match.

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