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[1998-05-01-AJPW-25th Anniversary Show] Daisuke Ikeda vs Maunakea Mossman


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Knowing All Japan like we know them it's not totally surprising that they never brought Ikeda in to run riot on their main stars (though they should've), but checking on cagematch it surprised me how often they jobbed him out when they did bring him in. To guys like Satoru Asako and Yoshinobu Kanemaru. I think even Shiga picked up a win on him. Mossman isn't exactly the first or second or tenth name you'd pick if you're an Ikeda fan looking at who he could match up with on that All Japan roster, but he'll at least kick hard and you know Ikeda will kick him back. This started out awesome as Ikeda dropped him with an ungodly right cross (and Mossman sold it like he had the cartoon budgies circling above his head), then leveled out at okay in the body, before getting back up to pretty good in the last few minutes. Ikeda never totally let loose like you'd want but he took some big bumps, including a reverse suplex off the top rope where he landed pretty awkwardly on the side of his head. Is any of his All Japan run worth tracking down above everything else?

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Unfortunately, I'm no help with Ikeda in AJPW but, I know he had a more "true" Daisuke Ikeda match vs Morishima in NOAH...6/01/04, I believe. I remember thinking, "yes, this is what I want with Ikeda in NOAH!"


Also I remember Takayama, Ikeda & Sugiura vs Kobashi, Sano & Kikuchi from 4/05/03 being pretty good on the Ikeda front as well...

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I definitely remember liking a couple Ikeda in NOAH matches a lot, though I couldn't tell you what they were now. Pretty sure there was one match on an old Schneider Comp where he either teamed with or against Rikio that I thought was pretty great. I'm sort of on an Ikeda high right now so I might do a little deep dive soon.

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