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[2000-07-15-OVW-TV] Nick Dinsmore vs Rob Conway


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Meh. I really just don't see much upside in Conway or Dinsmore. Both are fine wrestlers but have no character traits that grab me. This is worked as a sprint with big bombs and nearfalls. Cornette assured us early on that this would be 1 on 1 which of course means Flash comes out at the end allowing Conway to win. We also get claims of a quick count. So more bullshit in ovw. Yippee. *1/4

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This episode opens recapping the closing moments of last week’s OVW title match where Flash defeated Nick Dinsmore for the belt.


Jim Cornette talks about how these two trained together, and when they wrestle each other it’s like wrestling mirror images. Conway blocks an attempted hip toss so Dinsmore transitions to a Russian legsweep which gets him a two. Whip to the corner is reversed, and Dinsmore crashes chest first into the turnbuckles before Conway levels him with a clothesline. Boot to the mid-section, however ‘Mr Wrestling’ counters whatever he’s got planned with a modified powerbomb. He misses the ‘Lionsault’ as Conway moves out the way, but even if he hadn’t moved Dinsmore still wouldn’t have hit him as he positioned him too close to the ropes and badly overshot. Dinsmore ducks out the way of a reverse crossbody and Cornette talks about what an “almost Road Warrior like pop” that got! I think you need your ears testing Jimmy! Nice Northern Lights suplex for two. Big DDT by Conway, he heads upstairs for an ‘Iron Fist’ off the top, but Dinsmore catches and then plants him to the canvas. German suplex is blocked, and as Conway switches position looking for an ‘O’Connor roll’, Dinsmore drops down and Conway’s momentum sends him through the ropes to the outside. Flash shows up at ringside, and when Dinsmore suplexes Conway back in, he hooks his ankle, ‘the Iron Man’ falls on top and Phil Fair fast counts the pinfall.


Match wasn’t bad, although it looked a touch too co-operative on occasions. That ‘Lionsault’ spot was bad though, I also wasn’t keen on how the match jumped from one man being in control, then the other, and so on. There was no real heat segment. Could’ve done without the fast count pin as Dinsmore getting screwed by Flash hooking his ankle was sufficient. Fair had called it straight down the middle up to that point and it would’ve been nice, if for once, we didn’t have a match with him behaving heelish in some way.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-07-15-OVW-TV] Nick Dinsmore vs Rob Conway

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