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[2012-11-13-K-DOJO] Minoru Suzuki vs TAKA Michinoku

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This was essentially a glorified squash match but masterfully executed by both guys, with TAKA trying to outwrestle Suzuki to no avail as each counter is promptly reversed. I love the way Suzuki ragdolls TAKA on the mat, picking at all limbs and working in aggressive legscissors. When TAKA tries to slip out and slide into a headlock, Suzuki immediately puts him back in the legscissors. Knowing he can't outwrestle Suzuki, TAKA employs his usual tactics, grabbing Suzuki's top knot, or smacking Suzuki in the ribs when he's got him on the ground, that shit-eating grin on his face. The strikes really heat up in the backend and when TAKA tries to get cute, Suzuki slaps him silly and unloads on him in the corner. I liked the abruptness of the finish, with TAKA starting to build up to his finisher and then Suzuki quickly grabbing him and putting him away with the piledriver like playtime's over.

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