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[2014-05-06-ZERO-ONE] Hideki Suzuki vs Kohei Sato


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A really good title match with some swank matwork, stiff strikes, and arm brutalization, further complimented by Sato’s great selling. Suzuki wants to incapacitate Sato by any means, kicking the arm, standing on it, and just wrenching it to hell. A good defense against Sato’s brutal elbows. When Sato is able to fire back, he relies on his kicks. There’s a fun little spot where Suzuki is struggling to hit the double arm suplex so he says ‘fuck it’ and hits an Exploder instead. The finishing stretch sees some big time offense from both guys, including a desperation sheer-drop Falcon Arrow from Sato and Suzuki folding him in half with a dragon suplex. Much better than their title match last year, which had a similar story of Suzuki working the arm for 85% of the match until Sato hits a couple of moves and it's over.

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