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[2000-07-18-WCW-Nitro] Goldberg vs Scott Steiner


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They gave us just enough of a taste here to make this match seem much more anticipated in the future. Some great power spots and the Goldberg press slam into powerslam spot was amazing. The finish did a pretty great job of setting up a 3 way with Goldberg spearing both Booker and Goldberg and Booker looking strong as champion. Then of course, drunk ass Kevin Nash beer and all comes out and jack knifes both Goldberg and Steiner in a ridiculous manner that doesn’t lead to much of anything. **

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‘Commissioner Cat’ is the special official for this and he’s definitely a full on face now. ‘The Cat’ is followed by Booker T who’ll be providing guest commentary with Mark Madden and Tony Schiavone. Madden can’t believe this match is taking place on Monday Nitro, me neither! Lock up, Steiner reverses Goldberg into the corner and a couple of stiff forearms across the chops before unloading with knees to the mid-section. He telegraphs a backdrop and Goldberg with a clubbing forearm across his back. Butterfly suplex come Judo throw. Steiner sidesteps the spear, but while Goldberg puts the breaks on, ‘Big Poppa Pump’ with an overhead suplex/throw of his own. Irish whip, Goldberg ducks the clothesline and comes back with a big flying shoulder tackle. Huge overhead press, he drops then catches Steiner over his shoulder and powerslams him to the canvas. He whips him into the turnbuckles, charges, but Steiner gets a foot up. Belly to belly followed by a shoddily applied ‘Steiner recliner’. For some reason Scotty jut gives up on the hold to slug ‘the Cat’ who falls out the ring to the floor. Booker goes to check on him and Steiner invites ‘the Book’ into the ring. The two of them go at it until Goldberg with a spear that Booker leapfrogs over and takes out Steiner. Great looking Harlem sidekick to Goldberg. The Wolfpac’s music plays and here comes a cap wearing, beer swigging Kevin Nash or, ‘the Sexecutioner’ as Madden calls him. ‘Jackknife’ on Goldberg, another for Scott Steiner and he leaves as quickly as he came, making sure to pick up his bottle of beer on the way!


Tony Schiavone says during commentary that this has a real PPV feel to it, THEN WHY WASN’T IT A PAY PER VIEW MAIN EVENT THEN TONY??? It boggles my mind that they gave this match away for free on Nitro when it was the biggest match that WCW had in their locker. There was a real physicality and intensity about things and it had great heat throughout. This was pretty darn good up until the final few minutes where it went very quickly down the pan the moment Steiner abandoned ‘the recliner’ to deck ‘the Cat’. There has been a noticeable increase in match quality this month compared to the previous three, so the last person I want to be seeing walking down the aisle is ‘the Sexecutioner’ himself doing a low rent Steve Austin gimmick manhanding Goldberg and Steiner back to back in a matter of seconds. Just do one Nash! The match ended too with no finish as it looks like ‘the Cat’ just wandered to the back after Steiner slugged him.

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