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Inside Wrestling Capsule Profile Checklist (in progress)


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WRD5113 Daniel Bryan

WRD5012 Kazarian

WRD4942 Gail Kim

WRD4812 Jack Swagger

WRD4712 Sheamus

WRD4612 Cody Rhodes

WRD4512 Randy Orton

WRD4412 Angelina Love

WRD4311 Dolph Ziggler

WRD4211 Miz

WRD4111 Jeff Jarrett

WRD4011 Robert Roode

WRD3911 Beth Phoenix

WRD3811 Kurt Angle

WRD3710 Sting

WRD3610 Christian

WRD3510 Chris Jericho

WRD3410 Mr. Anderson

WRD3310 John Cena

WRD3210 Awesome Kong

WRD3110 John Morrison

WRD3009 Daffney

WRD2908 Edge

WRD2809 Triple-H

WRD2709 Randy Orton

WRD2609 D-Lo Brown

WRD2508 Petey Williams

WRD2408 Mickie James

WRD2308 James Storm

WRD2208 Chavo Guerrero

WRD2108 C.M. Punk

WRD2008 Austin Aries

WRD1907 Samoa Joe

WRD1807 Batista

WRD1707 Christian Cage

WRD1507 Test

WRD1307 Christopher Daniels

WRD1107 Trish Stratus

WRD0906 Ron Killings

July 2006 Finlay

February 2006 Nunzio

November 2005 The Hurricane

WRD0305 William Regal

August 2005 Matt Hardy

May 2005 B.G. James

WRD0205 Dawn Marie

February 2005 Rhyno

November 2004 Victoria

WRD0104 Kane

August 2004 Tajiri

June 2004 Lita

April 2004 Edge

February 2004 Charlie Haas

December 2003 Eddie Guerrero

October 2003 Chris Jericho

August 2003 A.J. Styles

June 2003 Rey Misterio Jr.

April 2003 Rikishi

February 2003 Stacy Keibler

December 2002 Goldust

October 2002 The Big Show

August 2002 Rob Van Dam

June 2002 Tazz

April 2002 Scott Steiner

February 2002 Stephanie McMahon

December 2001 "Diamond" Dallas Page

October 2001 The Undertaker

August 2001 Shawn Michaels

May 2001 Kevin Nash

March 2001 Raven

January 2001 Booker T

November 2000 Jeff Jarrett

October 2000 Bob Holly

September 2000 Buff Bagwell

August 2000 Justin Credible

July 2000 Brian Christopher (Grandmaster Sexay)

June 2000 Chris Benoit

May 2000 Triple-H (Hunter Hearst Helmsley)

April 2000 Tommy Dreamer

March 2000 Bill Goldberg

February 2000 Sting

January 2000 Big Bossman

Holiday 1999 Sid Vicious

December 1999 Chyna

November 1999 Billy Gunn

October 1999 Booker T

September 1999 Bam Bam Bigelow

August 1999 Sabu

July 1999 X-Pac

June 1999 Chris Jericho

May 1999 Rey Misterio Jr.

April 1999 Scott Hall

March 1999 Mankind

February 1999 Konnan

January 1999 Taz

Holiday 1998 Raven

December 1998 Ken Shamrock

November 1998 Sable

October 1998 Rocky Maivia

September 1998 Scott Steiner

August 1998 The Giant

July 1998 Randy Savage

June 1998 Owen Hart

May 1998 Rob Van Dam

April 1998 Curt Hennig

March 1998 Sgt. Slaughter

February 1998 Bret Hart

January 1998 Big Van Vader

Holiday 1997 Marcus Bagwell

December 1997 Davey Boy Smith

November 1997 Kevin Nash

October 1997 Mankind

September 1997 Dallas Page

August 1997 Lex Luger

July 1997 Hunter Hearst Helmsley

June 1997 Chris Benoit

May 1997 Tommy Dreamer

April 1997 Steve Austin

March 1997 Konnan

February 1997 Syxx (The 1-2-3 Kid)

January 1997 Goldust

Holiday 1996 2 Cold Scorpio

December 1996 Marc Mero

November 1996 Rey Misterio Jr.

October 1996 Savio Vega

September 1996 Rick & Scott Steiner

August 1996 Ahmed Johnson

July 1996 Brian Pillman

June 1996 Jake Roberts

May 1996 Jeff Jarrett

April 1996 Buddy Landell

March 1996 Randy Savage

February 1996 Terry Funk

January 1996 Mabel

Winter 1995 Harlem Heat

December 1995 Sting

November 1995 Diesel

October 1995 Taz

September 1995 Arn Anderson

August 1995 The Undertaker

July 1995 Sabu

June 1995 Big Van Vader

May 1995 Cactus Jack

April 1995 Brutus Beefcake

March 1995 Honky Tonk Man

February 1995 Razor Ramon

January 1995 Owen Hart

Winter 1994 Shane Douglas

December 1994 Sid Vicious

November 1994 Johnny B. Badd

October 1994 Bam Bam Bigelow

September 1994 Kevin Sullivan

August 1994 Alundra Blayze

July 1994 Lord Steven Regal

June 1994 Tatanka

May 1994 2 Cold Scorpio

April 1994 Irwin R. Schyster

March 1994 Tom Prichard

February 1994 Lex Luger

January 1994 Dustin Rhodes

December 1993 Randy Savage

November 1993 Rick Steamboat

October 1993 Jeff Jarrett

September 1993 Marty Jannetty

August 1993 Davey Boy Smith

July 1993 Brian Christopher

June 1993 Crush

May 1993 Jerry Lawler

April 1993 Bob Backlund

March 1993 Sting

February 1993 Shawn Michaels

January 1993 Manny Fernandez

December 1992 Big Van Vader

November 1992 The Undertaker

October 1992 Tony Anthony

September 1992 Ron Simmons

August 1992 Steve Austin

July 1992 Eddie Gilbert

June 1992 Davey Boy Smith

May 1992 Bambi

April 1992 Koko B. Ware

March 1992 Tito Santana

February 1992 The Mountie

January 1992 Richard Morton

December 1991 Cactus Jack

November 1991 Paul Orndorff

October 1991 Jake Roberts

September 1991 Nikita Koloff

August 1991 Greg Valentine

July 1991 Bobby Eaton

June 1991 Ted DiBiase

May 1991 B. Brian Blair

April 1991 Big Bossman

March 1991 Terry Taylor

February 1991 Chris Adams

January 1991 Rick Rude

December 1990 Arn Anderson

November 1990 Dusty Rhodes

October 1990 Sid Vicious

September 1990 Tully Blanchard

August 1990 Kevin Von Erich

July 1990 Randy Savage

June 1990 Bret Hart

May 1990 Buzz Sawyer

April 1990 Rick Martel

March 1990 Brian Pillman

February 1990 Ric Flair

January 1990 Dennis Condrey

December 1989 Jim Garvin

November 1989 Roddy Piper

October 1989 Hulk Hogan

September 1989 Sting

August 1989 Tom Zenk

July 1989 Akeem

June 1989 Al Perez

May 1989 Rick Steamboat

April 1989 The Ultimate Warrior

March 1989 Jeff Jarrett

February 1989 Rick Steiner

January 1989 Hercules Hernandez

December 1988 Kamala

November 1988 Wahoo McDaniel

October 1988 Jimmy Snuka

September 1988 Mike Rotundo

August 1988 Brutus Beefcake

July 1988 Bob Orton

June 1988 Kerry Von Erich

May 1988 Steve Williams

April 1988 King Kong Bundy

March 1988 Tony Atlas

February 1988 Ronnie Garvin

January 1988 Bam Bam Bigelow

December 1987 Curt Hennig

November 1987 Stan Hansen

October 1987 Lex Luger

September 1987 Honky Tonk Man

August 1987 Tito Santana

July 1987 Brian Adias

June 1987 Tully Blanchard

May 1987 Rocky Johnson

April 1987 Koko B. Ware

March 1987 Kevin Von Erich

February 1987 Barry Windham

January 1987 Ivan Koloff

December 1986 Roddy Piper

November 1986 Dick Slater

October 1986 Harley Race

September 1986 Adrian Street

August 1986 Hacksaw Duggan

July 1986 George Steele

June 1986 Ted DiBiase

May 1986 Jake Roberts

April 1986 Nikita Koloff

March 1986 Chris Adams

February 1986 Paul Orndorff

January 1986 Sgt. Slaughter

December 1985 Manny Fernandez

November 1985 Billy Jack Haynes

October 1985 Dusty Rhodes

September 1985 Larry Zbyszko

August 1985 Randy Savage

July 1985 Terry Taylor

June 1985 Rick Rude

May 1985 Michael Hayes

April 1985 Brad Armstrong

March 1985 Eddie Gilbert

February 1985 Rick Martel

January 1985 Kevin Sullivan

December 1984 Tony Atlas

November 1984 Ric Flair

October 1984 Gino Hernandez

September 1984 Jimmy Valiant

August 1984 Tito Santana

July 1984 Greg Valentine

June 1984 Mr. Wrestling II

May 1984 Carlos Colon

April 1984 Butch Reed

March 1984 Iceman Parsons

February 1984 Jesse Ventura

January 1984 Angelo Mosca

December 1983 Dino Bravo

November 1983 John Studd

October 1983 Mr. Saito

September 1983 Bruno Sammartino Jr.

August 1983 Bugsy McGraw

July 1983 Tully Blanchard

June 1983 Shohei "Giant" Baba

May 1983 Adrian Adonis

April 1983 Jim Garvin

March 1983 Hulk Hogan

February 1983 Brad Rheingans

January 1983 Andre the Giant

December 1982 Iron Sheik

November 1982 Tommy Rich

October 1982 Junkyard Dog

September 1982 Wahoo McDaniel

August 1982 Jerry Lawler

July 1982 Bruiser Brody

June 1982 Bob Orton Jr.

May 1982 Jack Brisco

April 1982 Tony Garea

March 1982 Roddy Piper

February 1982 Killer Khan

January 1982 Les Thornton

December 1981 Rocky Johnson

November 1981 Mighty Igor

October 1981 Pat Patterson

September 1981 Masked Grappler

August 1981 George Steele

July 1981 Magnificent Muraco

June 1981 Sgt. Slaughter

May 1981 Paul Jones

April 1981 Ivan Putski

March 1981 Dory Funk Jr.

February 1981 Stan Hansen

January 1981 Rick Martel

December 1980 Bobo Brazil

November 1980 Eddy Mansfield

October 1980 Dusty Rhodes

September 1980 Jimmy Valiant

August 1980 Tony Atlas

July 1980 Rick Steamboat

June 1980 Mad Dog Vachon

May 1980 Harley Race

April 1980 Roddy Piper

March 1980 Bobby Duncum

February 1980 Dick Murdoch

January 1980 Nick Bockwinkel

December 1979 Terry Funk

November 1979 Nikolai Volkoff

October 1979 Captain Lou Albano

September 1979 Pat Patterson

August 1979 Ted DiBiase

July 1979 Jimmy Snuka

June 1979 Ken Patera

May 1979 Bulldog Brower

April 1979 Masked Superstar

March 1979 Bruiser Brody

February 1979 Gorilla Monsoon

January 1979 Tommy Rich

December 1978 Harley Race

November 1978 The Spoiler

October 1978 Abdullah the Butcher

September 1978 Steve Keirn

August 1978

July 1978 Jay Strongbow

June 1978

May 1978 Mil Mascaras

April 1978 Dino Bravo

March 1978 Jim Brunzell

February 1978 Bob Backlund

January 1978 Dory Funk Jr.

December 1977 Don Leo Jonathan

November 1977 Mr. Wrestling II

October 1977 Nick Bockwinkel

September 1977 Ken Patera

August 1977 Larry Zbyszko

July 1977 Jose Lothario

June 1977 Ivan Putski

May 1977 Jack Brisco

April 1977 Ric Flair

March 1977 Mike Graham

February 1977 Billy Graham

January 1977 Tim Woods

December 1976 Ivan Koloff

November 1976 Dusty Rhodes

October 1976 Wahoo McDaniel

September 1976 Blackjack Mulligan

August 1976 Ernie Ladd


July 1976 "Cowboy" Frankie Laine

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Let be the first to say, this is cool. I haven't looked through the whole list yet, but the first named piqued my interests.


Meltzer's bio:

Frank Luhovy, who wrestled under the name Cowboy Frankie Laine, passed away this past Tuesday at the age of 73.


Laine was a journeyman wrestler who worked from 1966 and continued into the late 80s, often working as enhancement talent on WWE television toward the end of his career. After leaving wrestling, he was very vocal about the treatment wrestlers received from promoters, in particular in 1999 after the death of Owen Hart.


Laine was one of the early wrestlers with a valet, Miss Linda Lee, as she was known, and later as Linda Lee Laine.


He had good fire as a babyface and was a wrestler who received good pushes in smaller territories, but was more a prelim wrestler in larger promotions.


He got his early break as a tag team partner of Lonnie Mayne in Portland, and also had success in Hawaii, Tennessee and California.


His biggest drawing run came during one of the hottest runs in the history of pro wrestling in the Caribbean, when he and Dutch Mantel were a heel Cowboy tag team that feuded with Carlos Colon, The Invader and various partners in 1979 over the North American tag team titles. That was one of the best weekly drawing periods in the history of pro wrestling in Puerto Rico and one that would be considered noteworthy anywhere at any time. It was the run that made Mantell such a big star there.


In California, he captured the Americas title from Black Gordman when Southern California wrestling was on national television and it the territory was at a hot point. His run as babyface champion was more to set up Killer Kowalski coming in and destroying him for the title to set Kowalski up for a big run. Laine returned in 1973 as a heel with a valet.


He had been running his family's 700-acre farm in Alvinston, Ontario since getting off the road.


He had been suffering from multiple scleroris.


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I was drawn to the sheer randomness of names featured and WHEN they were featured.


I actually tracked down that '76 issue because I knew it would have the first entry and boy was I perplexed when the series started with Cowboy Frankie Laine.


As you shared, he's definitely a character. Only real footage I was able to find was some matches as a jobber in 1986 WWF at the very end of his career.

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  • 1 month later...

This didn't end up going anywhere on here, but I also e-mailed Stu Saks himself and he responded with a nearly full list which I've placed in the first post.


I thanked him for the memories and told him there's a fair bit of interest in those classic mags from fans like us and he said their long-range plans are to have a greater online presence, including the posting of older articles.


Fingers crossed that eventually comes to fruition.

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