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[2000-07-15-Michinoku Pro] Great Sasuke vs Onryo


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Onryo has such a unique enigma to him that the matches slightly suffer. I can't knock it though due to his dedication to the character. Sasuke and Onryo work the mat a good bit in the early going and the back half had some good back and forth and nearfalls that are believable but not ridiculous. Sasuke ends up putting him away with the big powerbomb. This was certainly worked with a house show style match but was good for a twelve minute affair. *** (5.8)

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The match was fun but it's weird somehow to see Onryo with his look and everything going so back and forth in a competitive match. It's slightly jarring and sometimes incongruous but it works well enough here. Onryo's dive to the outside was actually pretty spectacular and both guys bust out slick pinning combinations. Sasuke finally puts him down and then gets jumped after the match.



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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-07-15-Michinoku Pro] Great Sasuke vs Onryo

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