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[2000-07-22-MPPW-TV] Wolfie D & Seven vs Ali & Spellbinder


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Baxter is mad that Bill Dundee has ruined his power hour. A big brawl at the start before things settle down. I liked Binder diving from the apron to on top of Wolfie as they were trying to regroup. Binder ends up getting caught with a double team and he is the FIP. Ali looks like he has had enough and comes in the ring with a chair but he knocks out Spellbinder. Baxter’s army is getting pretty padded in a N W O level and the turns aren’t making a whole lot of sense lately besides a big payoff by Baxter. *

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Brandon Baxter isn’t happy that Bill Dundee invaded ‘his’ Power Hour, now that he did, he will be buried ten feet under the ground! Ali and Spellbinder go right after their opponents and Corey thinks they are one of the most exciting tag teams he has seen in a long time. A pair of clotheslines by Spellbinder sends them both retreating to the outside where Baxter calls for a timeout. This isn’t the NFL as they would say, and Binder with a flip dive from the apron to the floor onto them. Wolfie reverses a whip to the corner but then misses the charge as Spellbinder moves out the way. Seven looks to get in a cheap shot from the apron and, while he misses, the distraction allows Wolfie to catch Binder with a knee from behind. Double team behind the official’s back as Ali tries to help his partner out. He eventually makes the tag, although the ref misses it and all four men end up in the ring. DDT by Spellbinder on Wolfie and Ali’s clothesline sends Seven tumbling through the ropes. Baxter grabs a chair and sneaks into the ring, however drops it and quickly exits the moment Ali turns around and sees him. Ali picks up the chair himself, but turns on Binder, cracking him over the head with it. Wolfie makes the cover as Ali celebrates with Baxter and ‘The Cartel’.


After months of fighting and feuding with Baxter, Wolfie and The Cartel, now all of a sudden Ali joins them? Maybe he was influenced by all those nonsensical turns in WCW and now that he’s part of the company, thought he’d do one himself? Poor match topped off with a head scratching finish and turn.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-07-22-MPPW-TV] Wolfie D & Seven vs Ali & Spellbinder

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